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Top tips from experts to deck your halls with florals

Looking to add colour and warmth to your home this Christmas? The why not go for stunning festive florals. Here the UK’s leading florists experts at Serenata Flowers share their top tips for decing the halls with florals.

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Festive florals are a great way to add pretty sophistication to your home over the Christmas holidays and there are number of ways to use real or faux florals in your decorations, whatever your budget.

Below are Serenata Flowers top tips:

1. Creating a floral wreath

Wreath Serenta Flowers
Image credit: Serenta Flowers

A pretty Christmas wreath on your front door is a fantastic way to great guests over the festive season. Traditionally, Christmas wreaths feature dark green foliage with warm shades of berry red and are accented with gold embellishments and a scattering of snowy whites. For a sophisticated take on this year’s wreath, try threading some pretty flowers into the foliage. You can’t go wrong with complimentary red or white blooms or keep things cheap and cheerful and source some fake flowers and spray them gold for the final flourish.

2. Arranging a Christmas centrepiece

Flowers Serenta Flowers
Image credit: Serenta Flowers

When it comes to Christmas Dinner, the table decorations can be equally as important as the dinner itself. Make sure your table is set out to look the part and create a festive centrepiece combining off-cuts from the tree with pretty florals and other Christmassy accessories such as pinecones and festive sprigs. Start by filling the bottom of the vase with sand to weigh it down for stability, then arrange your stems how you want them. A festive ribbon or a miniature wreath positioned at the base of the vase is a great finishing touch.

3. Getting creative with vases

Skates Serenta Flowers
Image credit: Serenta Flowers

Get creative with your vases. Small ornamental sleighs are good for short-stemmed florals or for something quirkier, why not create your arrangement in an ice skate or Christmas stocking. For a touch of added sparkle, paint an empty bottle of your favourite Christmas tipple in glue before rolling it in glitter – then add your favourite festive flowers!

4. Keeping your Poinsettia alive

Poinsettia Serneta Flowers
Image credit: Serenta Flowers

Also known as the ‘Flower of the Holy Night’, Poinsettias have been given as Christmas gifts for centuries and make a lovely addition to a festive household. The shape of their leaves is thought to be reminiscent of the star of Bethlehem and its rich red colour is often compared to the blood of Christ – however, it’s notoriously difficult to look after. To ensure your poinsettia lasts throughout the holidays, look for a plant with little yellow flowers at the centre of its red leaves, as these show the plant is in its prime. Be sure to position the poinsettia by a window, in direct sunlight, and keep the room temperature between 18-24 degrees, as a drop in temperature can lead to premature leaf drop.

5. Decorating your Christmas candles

Candles Serenta Flowers
Image credit: Serenta Flowers

Candles are a traditional part of British Christmas decor. As well as providing an ambient glow and often a delicious Christmas scent, many households in the UK light a candle for each week of advent. Whether lighting up your window or illuminating your dinner table, adding florals and foliage to the base of your candles is a great way to add sophisticated style. You don’t have to stick to traditional colour palettes either; try shaking things up with calming shades of ice blue and silver or delve into soft pastel hues for a frost-kissed effect.

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