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Transform your room with a personalised colour palette this Christmas

Colour can add both personality and interest to your room, it can also help transform your mood but trying to find an exact colour can be really stressful. Below,  Amanda Telford, Product Specialist at CTD Tiles shares her thoughts.

Image credit: CTD Tiles

Fortunately a new tool has just been launched which can recommend a custom colour palette
based purely on your chosen emotions.

Inspired by research into colour psychology, colour meanings and the impact of colour on mood, CTD Tiles – Match My Mood tool can help you create a room with your dream atmosphere, for example, cosy Christmas feel?!

Select your emotion from the 16 available and the tool will match to specific colours based on colour meanings and attributes allowing you to receive a fully personalised colour palette.  So whether you want a room that encourages relaxation or one that stimulates fun and laughter there’s a colour blend that’s just right for you.

Image credit: CTD Tiles

Amanda Telford, Product Specialist at CTD, said: “Colour has always deeply affected emotion and we believe that everyone will enjoy finding out their personalised colour palette”

“We wanted to create something that would really allow customers to customise their room with a unique blend of emotions and we believe that our customers will enjoy testing different palettes and realising the effect on their mood.”

Will you be decorating your home in time for Christmas?

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