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Tried And Tested Board Games For Christmas 2017

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a good old board game after our dinner to enjoy with family and friends who are visiting. Take a look at our tried and tested top board games below which we were kindly sent to review:

Now That’s What I Call Music – The Board Game

That's What I Call Music

We all know and love the CD version so why not test your music trivia with this board game from Paul Lamond! From guessing 80’s hits, acting out a charade or being asked to hum the tune to ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ by Slade this game will have everyone involved and laughing.

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We played this in the office and have to say it did bring out a few competitive sides, John in particular really wanted to win. The aim was to go around the board, reach the centre of the record and answer one final question. Going around the board we landed on different squares and picked up cards that had instructions on them such as answer a title questions or a 1990s question, all in the 30 second timer limit. John was declared the winner after correctly answering all of the trivia which he was very pleased about.

Now That’s What I Call Music is suitable for ages 8 years and up and requires a minimum of two players and maximum of 6. Costing around £18 this game is the perfect after dinner game.

Pass The Pud By Gibson

Pass The Pud Gibsons Game

Pass The Sprout was one of the most popular games last year and this year Pass The Pud looks sets to be even more popular. Katy, Holly, Elaine and Mandy played and here’s what Mandy thought: “Holly and I were in a team and we never thought a Christmas pudding could cause so much frustration as every time I tried to guess my answer the timer would ‘burp’ and I lost my turn as I didn’t answer quickly enough, Elaine and Katy were so much quicker at getting their answers in before the timer went.

There were four different card categories to choose from: Connections, words, things and clues all of which have different tasks you need to answer. We had to answer the question while holding the timer which could ‘burp’ at any point and if didn’t answer by the time the timer went our turn was over and we could not collect a six pence. The team with the most were the winners which in this case were Katy and Elaine – perfect for the after dinner Christmas game.”

Gibson’s Pass The Pud is suitable for ages 8 years and up and ideally needs around 4 players and costs around £17.

Monopoly Beano Edition

Monopoly Beano Edition

Monopoly have released a brand new Beano edition and Holly, Katy and Mandy from our office were more than happy to play, here are Holly’s thoughts. “Monopoly has always been one of my favourite board games to play and I love the special edition ones so Katy, Mandy and myself were more than happy to have a game. Monopoly Beano had all of our favourite characters on the board but still had the classic ‘Go To Jail’ etc squares. The aim of the game is to collect as much money and buy property, just like the original!

We each picked a token which included a slingshot, banana skin and 4 others, all were Beano themed and we were off. I rolled the highest on the dice so I went first, then Katy and then Mandy. Each square we landed on gave us the opportunity to either buy property or to take either a ‘Crash or Cash’ or a ‘Bonus or Bang’ card, these were in place of Chance and Community Chest. Mandy was lucky as she landed on a ‘Cash or Crash’ card and managed to collect £200!

We continued around the board and I kept on landing on Katy’s property square and ended up paying a small fortune to her and unfortunately I ended up bankrupt so I was out of the game. Katy and Mandy then competed against each other until one of then was declared the winner. Katy who had the most property and money at the end of the game was announced as the winner. Overall we thought the board game had all of the elements we expected to see in a Monopoly board game but loved the way it had been changed to reflect the Beano theme and we will definitely be playing this game again.”

Monopoly Beano Edition is suitable for ages 8 and up and requires a minimum of two players and a maximum of six and can be bought from Amazon for £34.99.

Beano Cluedo

Cluedo Beano Edition

Cluedo is always a popular choice at Christmas time as everyone can play. John, Katy and Elaine from our team tried out this limited Cluedo Beano Edition, here’s John’s thoughts: “The aim of this game was to find out who had pranked the Teacher, so myself, Katy and Elaine set about the task of trying to find out who it was. We each took a token and put them on our space on the board. We placed a miniature prank in each room, set up the rest of game and placed the envelope with the three cards on the middle of the board.

I had Dennis as a token so I went first, I rolled the dice and began moving around the board using the secret passageways. Katy then went next then Elaine, we kept moving around the rooms we were in until Katy decided she wanted to make a suggestion which myself and Elaine tried to prove as false. I had one of the cards Katy suggested so I had to show her it which proved her suggestion to be true and my turn was then over. We continued around the board making suggestions and accusations until the cards began to get less and less. I then made an accusation as to what three cards were in the envelope and my accusation was right and I was the winner.

Overall, we loved this game it was a lot of fun guessing who pranked the Teacher and would definitely play this again at Christmas.”

Cluedo Beano Edition is suitable for ages eight years and up and requires a minimum of two players and a maximum of six. You can get this game from Amazon for £29.99.

These board games have all been tried and tested and they are the perfect games to play at Christmas time with all of your family and friends.

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