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Trips as gifts are blessings in disguise today – Here’s how you can master the process

There are endless rewarding parts to making gifts if you genuinely enjoy offering them and aren’t only doing it out of duty.

Christmas Presents

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It’s the process of unearthing your receiver’s hobbies and preferences, searching and finding the most suitable pick for them, browsing online store pages or going physically on the shopping adventure, and wrapping it beautifully so you maximize the satisfaction when the moment of offering the gift comes. However, it’s safe to say that you yourself are rarely receiving anything more than the joy and fulfillment of having the recipient smile from the bottom of their hearts if you think of presents that are gifted on their birthdays, celebrations, or other events when the practice isn’t reciprocal.

Gifts have turned from small, symbolic items to colossal offerings taking all sorts of forms and exceeding the concept of size and application, such as concert tickets, dinners in high-end restaurants, prepaid vouchers, and the list can go on. Spa treatments were chosen by 25% of the interviewees in a questionnaire regarding gift alternatives that represent experiences instead of material stuff, whereas concert tickets enjoyed the same numbers.

So, why not take it to the next level and prepare something that won’t be stored in a box until it’s consumed or thrown out but instead be kept in the memories forever? You can, too, gain your fair share of enjoyment from the gift-offering process if you follow in the footsteps of those who prepare local or international trips for their dear recipients.

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Select the destination based on previously established criteria

Studies show that 62% of Americans would take an experience over any kind of gift. Furthermore, according to a 2022 GetYourGuide survey, 77% of them agree that receiving adventures from which they learn and create memories are endlessly better than physical gifts. If choosing a destination for a trip is among the most draining and complex undertakings you’ll have to go through generally, it seems like when it comes to gifts, the problem of pickiness isn’t actually a real problem. Recipients are naturally fond of everything that will provide them with tactile, emotional, mental, sensory, and other types of experiences that aren’t generated by a physical product but rather by an activity.

Similarly, it’s rarely about how long the trip is or how far the destination is. You don’t have to throw yourself into it because you can simply plan a nice itinerary, book accommodation, and prepare how you’ll get there. If you live in London, then your geographical position will help you incredibly. You can simply book a car spot at the airport parking Manchester and fly to nearby superb cities like Dublin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, or even one inside the UK. Travelling has never been easier than it is today, when you can find a service to plan last-minute details and take some stress off your plate for any need or want that you have.

Consider and explain to them how the trip will affect you both professionally

Thinking of a trip this winter might have you imagining all sorts of season-like activities, such as shopping sprees at Christmas markets, landmark visits, mulled wine tasting, mouth-watering festive meals, and other favourite occupations. However, you’d soon be thrilled to learn that you’re offering both of you a gift beyond momentous joy and excitement or lessons accumulated.

Going on vacation only to come home and observe your concentration and productivity at work have increased suddenly and mysteriously overnight sounds like a far-fetched theory, right? As a recent study shows, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Researchers have dedicated their attention to understanding the impact of holidays on an individual’s work performance, finding that for each additional 10 hours of vacation taken by an employee, there’s an 8% improvement in their workplace efficiency. Furthermore, ten or more days of vacation boosted the travellers’ likelihood of receiving a bonus or raise. The conclusion that can be drawn from such lessons is that the better you care for yourself, the higher the chances of seeing your job rewarding you back for your “me-time”.

Talk with the recipient without disclosing unintended info about the surprise

Jumping up with enthusiasm when your intention turns into a palpable plan likely makes you so energetic that you struggle to keep the spicy details to yourself. However, you’ll need to remember that you must carefully plan to what extent your disclosure on the prepared journey will go, deciding whether you keep everything a secret or just communicate recipient they’ll need to clear their schedule for the predetermined date.

Indeed, the idea isn’t to not spill a thing, but to offer details mindfully and cleverly. You can indicate they’ll need a warm jacket, a cosy pair of boots, or other essential items for your trip. However, you don’t necessarily have to mention that you’ll be getting through the Stansted airport parking if you want to keep the flight a secret until it comes to burning the bridge. To whatever level your unraveling will go, make sure you’re not giving in to the temptation of sharing more than you intend.

Don’t be afraid to propose to split the bill

Indeed, planning such a massive surprise for someone means they’re important to you, and you’re sitting pretty well. If the latter criteria aren’t met, just take the needed courage and propose such an undertaking, getting to decide together how you can make this dream come true. Regardless of your choice, chances are that you’ll conclude that the decision to offer a trip exceeded the expectations regarding the rewards harvested. The same is likely to happen to your recipient, too. Hence, the chances of having them gladfully pay for a thing or two far exceed the likelihood of seeing them indisposed, uncomfortable, or offended.

Set up all the essential details of the itinerary together so you know what to expect. You might even make a ritual out of offering this type of gift that will bring more rewards than almost any physical item that might cross your mind.

Trips and travels are gifts that keep on giving, as you have seen above, so consider opting for this alternative every time your resources and time allow you to!