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Twelve Ways To Keep The Christmas Spirit Alive In January

The decorations are down, the carols are no longer being sung and there’s not a drop left of the sherry but here we have put together twelve tips on how you can keep the Christmas spirit alive in January!


1. Play a Christmas movie. Get yourself a hot chocolate, pick your favourite Xmas movie (we would recommend the original Santa Claus, we just never know if the reindeer will be able to do the Super-duper-looper!) and reminisce about all of last years fun.


2. Festive playlist.  The carols may have stopped in the shops but not on your ipod, putting the odd ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ ! track onto your playlist will keep the thought of all the yule-tide excitement at the front of your mind.


3. January Sales for decorations.  You will find some brilliant bargains on Christmas decorations around the web (check out Blitzens deals here) so why not get one or two bits and pieces which you can bring out this year.

4. Mince pie’s.   Ate way too many over Christmas?  yeah us too! however they will be going off the shelves soon so head to your nearest supermarket and pick up a box to have as a treat.

5. TV specials.  There were so many excellent shows on the television over November/December and keeping up with them all was practically impossible! Why not head to the iplayer, itv player and catch up sections on your TV and download all the specials you had missed.


 6. Start a Christmas box.  As our loyal readers already know, we at UnderTheChristmasTree are a family business and every year in January we start our annual Christmas box which we fill full of festive treats, presents and more.  Simply check cell by dates and make sure they will last and once the boxed is filled seal up and don’t open until December.

7. Go through your cards.  Before you go and put your Xmas cards in your nearest recycle bin, take one day and go through each one and read all the lovely messages from family and friends.  This will ensure you keep feeling Christmassy and you can take note of exactly who sent you a card!


8. A List.  Were you still wrapping at midnight on Christmas Eve, trying to prepare the dinner for the big day at the very last second?  make a list on everything you done and what you would like to do a little differently this Christmas.

9. Plant the Christmas rose aka Helleborus niger.  This gorgeous flower can be planted in the winter and will grow and blossom right up until June or July. Not only will is the plant a valuable source of pollen for early bees but as it’s nicknamed the Christmas rose – how can you resist?!

10. Learn new wrapping skills.  Have you got hundreds of empty boxes scattering around the house?  before throwing them out why not take all of your excess wrapping paper, bows and ribbon and practice your wrapping skills.

11. Book off your holidays.  Getting back to work is such a grudge however to make it that little better, grab the holidays book and decide what time you want off for Christmas and start the countdown.

12. Think a positive Christmas thought everyday.  Whether it is a memory, an idea, a movie, song…anything! just make sure to think about something which made you happy over the festive month.

Christmas may be over for another year however as Charles Dickens says ‘I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.’ – time for another turkey sandwich and mince pie? go for it!

How are you keeping the Christmas spirit alive this January? Share your ideas below.

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