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Christmas Gift Review 2020: VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon Playset

Become the best and brightest hair styler (alongside Fabio and Fabia of course!) as you style and glitterize Kiara at the new VIP Pets Hair Salon Playset.

The VIP Pets were kindly gifted to us in exchange for this review, all opinions are our own and we may earn commission through some of the links in this page. Here’s what Katy from our team thought below.

VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia's Hair Salon Playset

“If your little one is a fan of the animated webisodes over on Kitoons TV, then they are definitely going to be adding I LOVE VIP Pets – Fabio & Fabio’s Hair salon playset to their wish list for Santa this Christmas. The packaging is bright, bold and shows everything that comes inside the box – including all 15 accessories.

Moving onto setting up, now most children would destroy the box, pull out the contents and start playing within 5 minutes, however parents I’m not going to fib after I pulled out all the pieces, I took a look at the instructions and thought oh, no it’s going to be harder to set up than I thought, however I was totally wrong!

VIP Pets Hair Salon Play set

After taking the time to read through, it really was super simple, basically, all the pieces are clip-in, that’s right, no batteries, no screwdrivers – nothing! Woohoo making Christmas morning entertainment a breeze.

Once I had assembled all the pieces and added some fabulous accessories, of course, I was ready to get started with styling Kiara’s hair. Kiara is the VIP dog with super long hair which comes with the playset (there are 12 pets to collect). Her hair is synthetic and I found it easy to brush with the comb accessory.

When you’re ready you can wash Kiara’s hair with real water (yes real water!) by filling and using the pump and shower head supplied, a little heads up, as Kiara’s hair is long it can be tricky to wash without a little mess however I felt that is where the fun lies.

VIP Pets

Place Kiara on her sturdy VIP styling chair which has a suction cup to keep your pet still, using the rainbow comb and colours supplied to add a rainbow of colour to your pet. Ready for glittterizing? – This is where I couldn’t wait to see results, I placed the glitter in the tray, removed the star from the top and poured inside. I then placed Kiara inside the tube, closed the door and turned the top and voila, Kiara look fabulous.

Overall I can see why children would have loads of fun playing with Kiara who is very Rapunzel-like! in the VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon Playset, plus if your children love animals then this would make an excellent Christmas gift.”

SHOP NOW VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon Playset £35.00 from Selfridges.