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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar 2020

Get ready to have one heck of a Holly Jolly Gin-mass as Virgin Wines launches its 2020 Gin Advent calendar, here we take an in-depth look and review.

Virgin Wines kindly sent us its sell-out Gin Advent Calendar for review however all opinions are our own.

Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar 2020

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve been enjoying the odd tipple to get through lockdown and I’m recently new to all the huge variety of flavoured gins, there’s so many its hard to know what to choose first, which is why when Virgin Wines Gin Advent 2020 Calendar dropped into the office I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

I know gin-based advents have been around for some time now, however, I’ve never gotten round to buying one, firstly as I never really started drinking gin until earlier this year and because I always felt that I would pick the wrong flavour for what I would like and end up leaving most of the bottle as I didn’t enjoy it, however, I was pleased that Virgin Wines advent contained 24 different 5cl bottles of premium craft gin including a couple of exclusive surprises in the box.

Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar 2020

The bright red box is medium sized and not too heavy to lift, which I particularly liked as I could find a place to store the advent easily, unlike the Virgin Wines Advent Calendar which John from our team tested – it was massive! The box also has gold stars and bow design on the front, a gentle hint that it’s Christmas time.

Each window is clearly marked and easy to push open, however, like most cardboard designs a couple of them slightly tore, but who cares it’s the insides I’m more interested in. Now although by the end of the night I’ll probably not be able to content myself with just opening three doors, I’ll give you a quick insight as what to expect so if you don’t want to know scroll a little down…NOW!

Behind door number 22 was 5cl Silent Pool Intricately Realised Gin, I had a glass handy (of course!) to test, this was pretty strong and had fresh floral and citrus notes, pretty tasty. Next was door number two, behind the window was a 5cl Portobello Road gin, now for me, I don’t feel as though I would buy a full-sized bottle of this as it was just a tad too much of a  peppery taste to it, however if you like Juniper flavour go for it.

Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar 2020 - Gins Included

Other Gins you can expect include a few special surprises such as Explorer’s Limited Edition Christmas Edition Gin 5cl (ABV: 44%), and Warner’s Sloe Gin which I’m currently cracking into now and I know I’ll enjoy this as I’ve tasted it before.

Overall I loved the design as it was hugely festive and looked like Christmas presents and most of all I love that there is such a variety included, now it’s just to decide on which bottles to buy the full size of. All I can say is ‘Let the festivities be-gin”

The Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar sold out quickly last year and is set to do the same again this year. The Gin advent will cost £99.99 and is available to reserve for just £10 on the Virgin Wines website where you will pay the final £89.99 (plus £7.99 P&P) on the launch date, and are released on full-sale on November 2nd 2020.