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Want to cycle off your Christmas dinner? It might take a bit of time…

With Christmas getting closer and closer, we will all get ready to indulge in our favourite foods, treats and takeaways. Leisure Lakes Bikes have analyzed how long we would have to cycle to burn off the calories.

Plate with Christmas dinner on it
Image credit: LesleyNegus via Pixabay

Papa Johns Vegan festive pizza is 2000 calories and would take 231 minutes
Dominos Pepperoni Pizza is 1533 calories and would take 174 minutes
Christmas dinner is 1450 calories and takes 168 minutes
Nandos butterfly chicken with halloumi and chips is 1384 calories and takes 160 minutes
KFC Mighty Bucket for one is 1155 calories and would take 133 minutes
Big mac meal is 1015 calories and takes 117 minutes
Terrys is 816 calories and takes 94 minutes

Mulled Wine
Image credit: santarina81 via Pixabay

Mulled wine is 400 calories and takes 46 minutes
Greggs is 327 calories and takes 38 minutes
Pint of lager is 180 calories and takes 21 minutes
Prosecco is 80 calories and takes 9 minutes

We’re off to get a bike! This was found by LeisureLakesBikes.

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