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Watch: How To Make Creme Egg Christmas Cocktail

Watch how to make this festive creme egg and Irish cream cocktail. Our easy recipe uses creamy Irish cream, ice, cream eggs and mint ice cream.

Creme Egg Irish Cream Cocktail

What you will need:

3 x cream eggs
1 x cup of Irish cream
1 x cup of ice
2 scoops of mint ice cream


1. Start by unwrapping and putting 3 cream eggs into a blender
2. Add in the Irish cream
3. Get the cup of ice and add in
4. Scoop out two scoops of mint ice cream and add
5. Blend until a smooth consistency and serve up!

All of the ingredients you will need to make this cocktail can be bought online at Tesco.

What is your favourite Christmas cocktail recipe to try? Let us know!

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