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Welcome To The 1960s…Our ByGone Christmas Series Continues!

Welcome to the 1960’s! As our ByGone Christmases Series continues at UTCT we take a look at the sixties, so grab a brew and as we take a look at the era that invented the audio cassette, the mini skirt and Coronation Street!

Every month UnderTheChristmasTree takes a look back at a different decade, discussing Christmas, fashion, events and more as part of our ByGone Christmas Series.

The 60’s saw audio cassettes being invented, Neil Armstrong became the very first man to walk on the moon,  the Beatles had hit the music scene and not to forget Coronation Street was first aired in 1960.

The sixties also saw the beginning of package holidays. These became very popular with the British who headed  off to the sun as workers were now getting two weeks paid leave, so they could head off on holiday and still get paid.

This era saw the fashion trends change as mini skirts, culottes and PVS dresses came into fashion.  False eyelashes were worn by women through this era and men raced to the shops to get bright and colourful suits, ties, cravats and leather boots.

Christmas was an important time in the family home as families gathered round to watch popular Christmas TV shows such as Christmas Night With The Stars, The Queen’s Christmas Speech, The Morecambe And Wise Show, The Ken Dodd Show and more.  Coronation Street was on ITV at Christmas time but it was not shown on Christmas Day like it is today,  it was aired on Boxing Day!

What decade are you most excited to read about?  Do you have fun family stories and traditions you would like to share?  If so get involved with our ByGone Christmases theme by commenting below.

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