Welcome to the Nineties

we love the 90sIt’s a new month which and that simply means a brand new decade for our ByGone Christmases and this October we check out the 1990’s!

The nineties were the time when kids no longer talked to their parents (unless they wanted something) as they walked around listening to their CD Walkman while making sure that their Tamagotchi pet didn’t die from lack of food.

Evenings would find them immersed in their Sonic the Hedgehog game on their Game Boy, while still listening to the Walkman, the Spice Girls spiced up their life.

School life took on a whole new perspective as students rebelled against teachers who banned Tamagotchi’s and Pogs from their classrooms and skorts became the latest fashion craze.



No hairstyle was complete without the addition of scrunchies, Alice bands, and butterfly clips and girls,boys and dogs, favoured bandanas.

Families got together around the TV for the latest update on Australian life in the sun, as Home and Away hit UK screens. Mr. Blobby and his sidekick Noel Edmonds entered our lives every week on Noel’s House Party and Top of the Pops continued to keep us up to date with the latest hits. Who could ever forget Christmas get togthers when we all danced to the Macarena, Cotton Eye Joe, Barbie Girl, Teletubbies Say ‘Eh-oh!’ and Mambo No.5?

mr blobby

Slip on a pair of high waisted jeans, top it off with a smaller than you’d normally wear, tee shirt, tie a tartan shirt around your waist and you’re ready for a night out and a chicken in the basket supper,- but be careful because lurking around any corner could be someone just waiting for an unsuspecting person to soak with his Super Soaker.

super soaker

As the century drew to a close we all waved our flags as the royal family celebrated the marriage of Prince Edward to Sophie Rhys-Jones.

Take part in our Byegone Christmases, get in touch below and tell us your nineties memories.

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