What are your baby essentials?

Are you a new mum ready to give birth? or are you already a mum expecting your next little bundle of joy? either way a list of essentials such as baby bottles, bedding and even clothes is a must.

As the pains of labour kick in we are pretty sure the last thing on your mind is ‘did I buy enough of……’

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Use our handy checklist guide below:

1) Clothes – Pyjamas, vests, rompers, socks, booties and even a little warm hat/hood, nothing but the basics as babies will grow very fast.

2) Cot, cradle, bassinet with soft flat mattress to keep your little one sleeping soundly.

3) Bibs, cloths and nappy’s and lots of them as both ends do not communicate with each other!

4) Changing table/mat with all the accessories including unscented baby wipes, washcloths and cream.

5) Bottles for feeding.

6) Formula (if you are not breast feeding) and breast pump (if you are breast feeding)

7) Baby Thermometer

8) Bouncer/ stroller or something portable so baby is safe when mum or dad has to nip for the potty!

9) Food, good amounts of baby food and a variety so if one doeskin taste so goo you can reach straight to the cupboard for something different.

10) Baby monitor, choose one that has a large enough range to be useful in your home.

11) Nightlight, something soothing, light and portable so you can take with you to help your little one drift off to sleep.

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12) Raincover for the pram, some may have their won but can be bought separately.

13) Changing bag, get a bag that is big enough to hold all the essential’s. You can find these at John Lewis

14) Steriliser, microwave steam sterilisers are a great option because they are fast and easy to use.

15) First-Aid kit as little accidents can happen so invest in a good First-Aid kit to be covered.

Having a newborn baby is a special time so ensuring all the fine details are covered will help mum and dad at this precious time. Talking to other mums can also be a great way to see what they felt they most needed when their little one was a baby.

Don’t let shopping for your newborn be overwhelming, why not print this list off take it with you and tick the items you have.

What is on your baby essential checklist? Comment using our comments box below:

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