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Why are Christmas Cracker Paper Hats Shaped Like Crowns?

It’s as much a tradition as carving the Christmas turkey but why are the paper hats that fall out of our Christmas crackers always shaped like a crown?

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It would appear that this tradition dates back to a when those taking part in the Roman celebration, the Roman Saturnalia which was held on 25th December, wore hats.

All fine and well but why were they shaped as crowns? This may well be from the celebrations which took place on Twelfth Night, when a King or Queen was appointed to oversee the proceedings.

Wherever it came from the wearing of crown shaped Christmas hats continues to be as popular as ever and all around Britain families can be seen wearing the paper hat that fell out of their Christmas crackers as they enjoy their Christmas dinner.

It’s rumoured that even the Queen swaps her crown for a paper hat over Christmas lunch. Will this be the first crown that Prince George will wear?

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