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Will You Be Drinking Low Calorie Beer With Your Christmas Dinner?

With the rise in cost and popularity of low calorie beers, we wondered, will you be drinking low calorie beer with your Christmas dinner for 2018?

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Global Data recently revealed that with so many of us being health conscious, a new market for low calorie beers has become more popular than ever.

Last year, Bud Light re-entered the US market 16 years after it’s original debut. With just 27 calories per 100ml and 3.5% ABV, Bud light is the lighter option that many of us health conscious people might opt for (Does that mean we can eat more Christmas cake?)

In 2016, Skinny Brands unveiled ‘skinny lager’ a low-calorie beer made using a special brewing process that removes residual sugars from the drink. At 4% ABV, it is not low in alcohol, but it has very low carbohydrate content of just 2.97g per 330ml, which is likely to be well received by consumers.

Image credit: Pixabay

Aleksandrina Yotova, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData says:

“Over a third (35%) of UK consumers associate ‘healthy’ with ‘low-calorie’, according to our 2017 Q4 survey.  However, this rises to 49% when looking at 35-44 year olds specifically, and is slightly higher for female than male consumers. With a calorie count per bottle of just 89, Skinny Lager is bound to attract health-conscious consumers, especially among this age group.”

With so many lower calorie alternatives available, we wondered if you’ll be replacing your usual tipple with something more health conscious? Let us know in the comments below or alternatively get in touch using the social media icons.

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