Would you spend £800 on a roller coaster ride this winter?

Well would you? I can almost hear you all shouting WHAT?- £800 for a roller coaster ride – are you mad? Well no, actually because this is not your average roller coaster.

knex son of serpent coaster

K’NEX have just released their new Son of Serpent Coaster Building Set and with just under 5,500 pieces this is the ultimate in construction sets.

Suitable for ages 16 and over this massive set measures a whopping 8 feet x 5 feet x 6 feet. Included in the set are 3 motors, power adaptor and speakers for your MP3 player.

If you have a fan of fast paced roller coasters then this will feed their passion. How we wish it was possible to shrink down to fit inside one of the five sleek cars and join any of the 14 KNEXmen as they hurtle down the track, holding tight as the car finds its way around the tight curves and hoping we won’t fall out as we head through gravity-defying loops. For any roller coaster fan this would be the trip of dreams.

knexmen enjoying the ride

With an RRP of £799.99 this is one Christmas gift you’ll want to think long and hard about, but if they’re into construction sets, they ceretainly won’t be disappointed.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 by fans in the USA the K’NEX Son of Serpent thrill ride comes highly recommended – the only downside seems to be the price.

Knex bricks are compatible with other leading brick-building systems such as Lego, making it possible to convert your original design into something completely different – what a great way to encourage kids imagination and budding engineers.

knex son of serpent

Would you even consider spending around £800 on the K’NEX Son of Serpent Roller Coaster? What was the most expensive Christmas gift you ever bought? Get in touch below or tweet us at @underxmastree and tell us about it – we’re looking forward to your replies.

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