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Christmas Gift Review 2021: Xplora XMove Activity Tracker

Packed with features to help you stay active and connected, the Xplora XMove Activity Tracker is packed with features. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Image Of Xplora XMove Activity Tracker
Image credit: Xplora

Mandy said: “Over the past few years, taking care of ourselves has become more and more important and activity trackers are an ideal way to keep an eye on your sport and health data so I was keen to give the Xplora XMove Tracker a try.

Image Of Xplora XMove Activity Tracker

First I did like the look and design, the watch is sleek and isn’t too bulky and the strap is soft to wear on your wrist. To set up I charged this up for 2 hours as it was the first time using the watch, once this was done I downloaded the Xplora app onto my phone and registered for a new account and gave permission to allow pictures and video record permission from my phone. At this point, I enabled the Bluetooth on my phone and it searched for the XMOVE and I paired it with my phone. Finally, I went to the menu on my tracker after pressing on the button at the side to turn on (this also is the turn off button) and clicked on “QR-code”, pointed my phone at the QR code and this connected the watch with the Xplora app, filled in my profile and it was ready to go by pressing “Start”.

Image Of Xplora XMove Activity Tracker Side On Button

There was a wide range of features the Xplora XMove Activity Tracker had to offer including your heart rate, pedometer, multi-sports option including running, track walking and more so I could set this to whichever activity I was doing incl. One of the features I really did like was the Move Reminder as this helped to remind me to get up and move around a little to help me keep active throughout the day and Sleep monitor which helped to keep track of how well I am sleeping and for how long, again a great way to keep a check on your sleeping patterns. The XMOVE is also IP68 Waterproof and can be used up to 1.5m deep and has a stopwatch. Other features include getting message notifications, answering phone calls and listening to some of my favourite music, perfect when I’m on the go!

Image Of Xplora XMove Activity Tracker On

Overall I was impressed with the Xplora XMove Activity Tracker, I liked the design and how comfortable the watch was to wear. The activity tracker was also packed full of features, all of which I used and I will be wearing this to track my day to day activity and exercise data.”

Xplora XMove Activity Tracker is available to buy online for around £49.99 and is available in different colours.