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You’ll love this delicious Valentine’s Day tipple

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (14th February, 2018) Bailey’s has released a strawberries and cream version of it’s ever popular Irish cream liqueur BUT not in the UK….YET!

Image Credit: Baileys

Combining cream with scrumptious strawberries, this limited edition, pink liqueur, will make a delicious tipple for Valentine’s day.  Available in both 750ml and 50ml sizes this liqueur is perfect for both using in recipes and is perfect when poured over ice, what a great drink to have not just at Valentines but also at Christmas time, however this is only being released in the US but fingers crossed a UK date will be set soon.

Image Credit: Pexels

Although it is about to be launched in USA, unfortunately at present we’re unable to give a UK release date for this limited-edition tipple. However Bailey’s has a selection of alternative delicious cocktail recipes that you can choose from.

Could we be sipping on a Bailey’s, with the flavour of ripe strawberries blended with the creamy taste of Irish cream liqueur, this Christmas?

What’s your favourite Valentine’s Day tipple?  You can get in touch using the comments section below or the social media buttons.

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