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Your Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Skin Safe This Summer

Believe it or not, our skin always needs SPF.  Even on the dullest of days when the rain is pouring down, those vicious sun rays still manage to cause damage to your skin. 

As it has been predicted that this summer we can expect to see heatwaves across the UK, it’s important that you protect yourself more than normal.

Use our ultimate guide to help keep your skin safe, tanned and healthy this summer.

It’s so easy to keep your skin protected.  All you need to do is follow a few of these simple steps.

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Wear SPF in every weather – whichever one is high enough for your skin. For those of us with fair skin who burn easily it is recommended that they wear factor 50, whereas those who have darker skin tones and might not burn just as easily are able to wear spf 15 or higher if desired.  You needn’t wear a ‘sun tan lotion’ per say – you could wear a moisturiser which has SPF included. You can find these at most drug stores such as Boots or Superdrug.

 Make sure you use SPF over your entire body – not just your face! Day creams with added SPF are very common but we often forget that the rest of our body needs SPF protection too, so  when you jump out of the shower in the morning don’t forget to treat your skin to all day protection using a body lotion which contains SPF.


Wear makeup with added SPF – many foundations, primers, and even lip products have added sun protection into their products making it even easier to help stay protected. However, the level of SPF contained in make up does not provide enough cover, so before you apply your make up remember to apply a thin coating of moisturizer containing a minimum of SPF15. Allow this to dry before applying your make up, top it off with an application of compressed powder for even more sun protection.

Cover up!  No, we’re not saying that you can’t wear shorts in super hot weather, but if you wear something to cover the high points of your body, such as a sun hat to cover your face and a top with a higher neck and small sleeves to cover your shoulders and chest then you will minimize sun damage.

 Stay hydrated. Skin can loose it’s elasticity and many argue that sun damage can cause this – by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water your skin gets the moisture it needs to minimize skin damage.

Limit sunbathing. We know it’s hard – being in the UK, we rarely see sunshine and high temperatures, but if you limit yourself  to how much you go sunbathing then you will still be able to enjoy the sun without baking yourself.  If you notice any sunburn on your skin, try using after sun to help this.

A lot of younger people reading this will probably shrug this advice off, but sunburn and excess tanning can lead to life threatening illnesses such as skin cancer and is proven to age skin drastically.  Do yourself a favour and take our advice and take care of your skin this summer!

Do you have any tips to avoid damaging your skin this summer?  Get in touch below and share them with our readers.

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