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1940’s Christmas Music

The 1940’s was another decade full of ups and downs. WW2 was in full swing and unfortunately didn’t end until 1945. With that in mind, music halls and concerts became less popular because money was hard to come by and thousands of people were in mourning after loosing family and friends who had died as victims of the war.

Despite this, music was still being released and swing music was still most popular. Artists such as Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington and Coleman Hawkins were popular at that time.

Christmas of course was a difficult time for many families because many were wrought with grief and families were still hiding from air raids in their shelters. Despite this, Christmas music was still being released to get people into the festive spirit.

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In 1941, ‘Carol Of The Drum’ by Katherine K. Davis was released. You may not know the song as this, as it was later called ‘Little Drummer Boy’ which is the version most people know today.

Another popular song which was released in the 40’s was a song that will always be known as ‘Elvis’ Song’. Blue Christmas was actually written by Billy Hayes & Jay W Johnson in 1948 and was a big hit for country star Ernest Tubb the following year. Elvis Presley re-released it in 1957 as part of his ‘Elvis’ Christmas Album’ but quite controversially, he removed the third verse;-

“I’ll have a blue Christmas I know, dear /
I hope your white Christmas brings you cheer /
And when you say your prayers on this Christmas Eve /
Will you feel the same dear as when you prayed with me?”

Other songs that are popular to this day were written & released in the 1940’s, some of which include;-

To this day we sing many of these traditional songs at Christmas time, which goes to show that the oldies are always the best!

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