Chitter Chatters

Chitter Chatters are plush interactive toys that repeat whatever you say in their own squeaky voices as they bob up and down. We were kindly sent these to review.

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There are 4 chitter chatters in the range

  • Monkey
  • Meerkat
  • Penguin
  • Mouse
  • available from Amazon UK

Chitter Chatter Toys

No need to trigger or squeeze these little guys into talking – they repeat whatever you say, so you’ll need your wits about you when they are around

The Chitter Chatters Meerkat is a cute little fellow who is wearing his red bow tie.  He has such sad looking eyes you’ll just want to hold onto him – but beware he can keep nothing to himself and tells anyone who will listen.

Chitter Chatters Mouse is soft and sweet with his long front teeth and little pink ears but you wouldn’t believe the stories he can tell – if you’ve got a secret you want to keep make sure he’s not around because keeping secrets is not one his strong point.

Chitter Chatters Monkey is exactly that he’s a right little monkey, with his cute smile and round eyes who would think that he would land you in loads of trouble without a second thought as he repeats in  his high squeaky voice exactly what you just said.  Would you trust a cheeky monkey with information?

Chitter Chatters Penguin quietly sitting beside you with his innocent face looking up at you.  But just one word is all it takes and he’ll tell the world exactly what you said – friendship doesn’t count for much with this fishy guy.

How Many Chitter Chatters are there?

There are four in the range:-

  • Meerkat who is beige and has a red bow tie
  • Mouse with pink ears and tummy, big round eyes and two white front teeth
  • Monkey is brown with a cream tummy, sticky out ears and a great big smile
  • Penguin who is black with a grey bib front he has black wings to the side and bright orange webbed feet and  an orange beak.

Full of outrageous personality each of the chitter chatters will make you laugh until you hurt. There are hours of fun to be had with these talking pets

No one will be able to ignore these guys when they get going and although the recommended age is age 3+ this toy would make a great gift for any fun loving adult.

Judging by the screams of laughter in our offices (take a look at our Youtube of them) these will be suitable for everyone.

Each of the four chitter chatters will be priced at around £15 but the level of fun you and your child will have with them is priceless.

Do They Require Batteries?  Yes they require 3 AAA batteries.  Demonstration batteries are included but like all of this type of battery we would advise getting in some spares because this is one toy you will not want to turn off.

When you just can’t laugh anymore there’s a switch on the base that allows you to turn them off.

Specifications for Chitter Chatters

  •  from Mint Toys
  • come with 3 x AAA demonstration batteries
  • 4 in the range
  • Suitable for age 3+

Tears were streaming down our faces as we reviewed these toys and when we put a few together the effect was unbelievable.

Sure to make you laugh these toys are fantastic as an individual toy but when they are put together with another Chitter Chatter they repeat and repeat whatever was said – you may well think that this would drive you mad – it won’t, because you’ll be to busy laughing at them as they laugh back at you.

If you like the Chitter Chatters you may also like the Krazy Kats and the Mad Muttz who instead of repeating what you say have a few sounds of their own that they like to make!

Review the Chitter Chatters

What do you think of these fun Chitter Chatters, do you know someone who would love one or perhaps two?  Let us know what you thought of them – we’d love to know.

This is no longer available.

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