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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Braun Series 7 7898cc Wet & Dry

It’s no secret that men are notoriously hard to buy Christmas gifts for, but fear not, we’ve got you covered. Enter the Braun Series 7 7898cc Wet & dry with clean & charge system. We were kindly sent this to review.

Image of Braun Series 7 Wet & Dry Shaver

Body grooming is something that every hairy man can use and will go down a treat on Christmas Day. Designed to give a close shave and 100% waterproof, the Braun Series 7, 7898cc Wet & dry with clean and charge system has some impressive specifications, including:

  • 100% waterproof smart electric shaver designed for a close and gentle shave engineered in Germany to last up to seven years
  • Built-in responsive intelligence automatically adapts to the features of your face, for a shave that’s personal to the user
  • Four synchronised shaving elements achieve in one stroke what others do in two (vs. previous Braun generation)
  • Five personalised shaving modes allow you to adjust the power to your personal skin type and shaving preference.
  • The razor’s skin-friendly precision trimmer helps you easily reach difficult areas, like under your nose or sideburns, this is even handy for underarms and body hair.
  • 50 minutes use from a 1 hour charge
  • Can be used wet, dry, with foam or gel.
  • 30,000 cutting actions per minute

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[pto prices=”Braun Series 7 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver 7898cc”] Image of Braun shaver

We sent our hairiest elf off to give this a try and share their thoughts – Mandy! Just kidding, Here are John’s thoughts:

“Grooming products are always well received over Christmas, mainly because we’ve either lost or can’t be bothered recharging the one we previously had. The Braun Series 7 7898cc is quite intense to look at, with even the box firing big claims at the recipient. Inside the box is the shaver itself, a clean & charge station, a travel case and a little cleaning brush for dusting off excess hairs.

I’ve never used an electric shaver that allows you to use it while wearing shaving gel or foam which is certainly an interesting twist. I was keen to give this a go and to test just how close a shave I could achieve from this.

As someone who has a short beard and moustache, I like to keep the ‘edges’ neat and tidy. After applying some shaving gel, I got to work – in the shower – on using this. It does make a good amount of noise and I was slightly hesitant to use it with the gel, but it powered through it to leave a sharp, clean, close shave without too much fuss.

Now to clean this, I was keen to try out the Clean & Charge station. I simply followed the instructions to set up the cleaner (very simply fill with water) and pressed the button before inserting the shaver upside down to ensure it cleans the head. This works a little bit like a car wash and I was really impressed with it.

Overall I’m really impressed by the Braun Series 7 7898cc and would definitely be happy receiving this on Christmas Day.”

For more information and to buy the Braun Series 7 7898cc Wet & dry with clean & charge system click here.

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