Christmas Gift Review 2018: Sphero M001BRW Mini App Enabled Robot

Sphero is the mini app enabled robot that plays games and scoots around your space by using your mobile phone. One thing is certain, Sphero is set to be popular for Christmas 2018 which is why we thought we’d talk about it’s features and give our thoughts. We were kindly sent this to review.

Sphero Mini Game

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Suitable for ages 8+, Sphero mini is the ball that rolls around playing games. Specifications of Sphero include:

  • Drive – Drive Mini several ways with the Sphero Play app – Joystick, Tilt, Slingshot, or Face Drive.;Top speed 1m/s
  • Face Drive – Face Drive is a hilarious new feature that uses your facial expressions to drive the ball.
  • Gaming – Sphero Mini can be used with the app as a video game controller.
  • Coding – Download the Sphero Edu app and program your Sphero Mini bot using JavaScript.
  • Interchangeable Shells – Colourful, interchangeable shells allow you to switch one out to suit your mood.
  • One charge lasts 45 minutes drive time
  • Has 10m range
Blue Sphero Mini
Image credit: Sphero

We asked Katy to try this out and here’s what she had to say:

“This looks a little bit like a bowling ball, just a whole lot smaller, and as there are some bowling pins & cones included with Sphero, I did think that it was designed purely for bowling. I was happily surprised to learn that it can play lots of different games and do different things using the app.

I used my phone to download the app from the Google app store and registered my device. I set up face drive and started zooming around using just my phone! Set up was very straight forward and was a simple step by step process.

Image credit: Sphero

I must say at first my thoughts were ‘How will my cats feel about this?’ I didn’t need to wonder for long, as my two arrived to check out the newest addition. One ran away from it, the other batted it gently with it’s paws then chased it as it moved. Obviously this isn’t a cat toy but it’s an added bonus!

I found it difficult to find a surface other than my table to place the bowling pins and cones because these are lightweight and do tend to fall over. With that said, I set the game up on the table and had fun zooming around them.

Sphero Mini Track and Mobiles
Image credit: Sphero

A full charge of this lasts a good 45 minutes, I must say I was playing with it for just short of an hour and it was definitely in need of a charge at the end. 45 minutes is pretty good going for continual use!  I can tell this is going to be popular for Christmas and kids will definitely enjoy zooming around with Sphero.”

For more information and to buy Sphero Mini App enabled robot, click here.

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