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Christmas Stocking Fillers

You’ve eavesdropped into their conversations, insisted that Santa needs his list anytime soon and have eventually managed to find that must have toy and now have it stashed away, carefully hidden until the day. We were kindly sent the products recommended below.

The question now remains, what else will they want?

Our finances always dictate what we can realistically afford to give, even to our own children, but as always Santa won’t let them down, (after all they are on his ‘nice’ list) as always he’ll treat them well and a plethora of presents will doubtless be under the christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Struggling to find some different ideas, we were delighted when our friends over at Wicked Vision  sent us over a surprise parcel. As always, there’s nothing more exciting than being ‘the one’ who get’s to it first and peaks inside (keeping the contents a well guarded secret from the rest of the team). John may be fast on his feet but when it comes to parcel opening nobody can beat Katy to an unopened box. It’s always a bit like a game of charades as she gesticulates the contents of the box (by this time she’s way to excited to make any sense – nothing new there then!) and eventually John prised the box away from her vice like grip.

First up it was John V Katy to a game of Socker Boppers, what a great way to take your frustrations out on your boss, and boy did she do that! Guaranteed to give loads of fun to kids aged 5 and over. As always it’s such a simple idea (much more fun than a pillow fight – and less messy) but the fun value is huge. Slip one of the easy to inflate boxing pillows onto you and your opponents.

We earn a commission for products purchase through some links in this article.

hand and start swinging at each other. Suitable for boys and girls, Socker Boppers are made from heavy duty gauge vinyl and the double cavity air chamber makes for extra cushioning. With an RRP of £10 Soccer Boppers are available with free delivery from Amazon

Can you walk the dog or go Around the World? You’re probably thinking what strange questions to be asking but not if you’re a fan of the ever popular YoYo. Inside our surprise package was a Pulse Light-Up Yo-Yo, now I’ve not tried to play with a yo-yo since I wore pigtails and a school uniform (no – not last week, that was a Halloween costume) and if I must say so myself, I was a dab hand at it. Ready to impress I took this little beauty for a spin – or rather I didn’t, those skills I mentioned had disappeared with the sands of time.

Skill aside, I had a great time playing with the yo-yo and although I tried and failed to walk the dog, I would certainly include this in any 6+’s Christmas Stocking. The fact that it lights up makes it all the more fun and 2 extra batteries are included along with it – so you don’t loose your colour changing light show at a crucial minute. This really must be one of the best Yo-Yo’s on the market and with an RRP of £10 it won’t break the bank. Duncan’s Yo-Yo Pulse is available with free delivery from Amazon

It’s cold or raining, probably both and the kids are fed up, this is when the what can I do now question appears and watch the look of surprise on their faces when you bring out a boomerang.

Not what you’d instantly think of as an indoor toy this British Made Indoor Boomerang is hailed as ‘The World’s Best Indoor Boomerang. As you remove it from the cardboard packaging you’ll be surprised to find that it’s made from foam, making it both soft and safe, and it has a flight range of 4 – 6 metres.

Join in with the kids and your significant other for a boomerang trick catching competition – who will catch it behind their back, under their leg or on their head? My money’s on the kids! Quick tip – although this is a foam boomerang it might still be a good idea to remove any valuable ornaments before starting your game. Priced at £5.99, it  is available with free delivery from Amazon

What ‘little extra’ did you buy that turned into a family favourite toy? Comment below and let us know.

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