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Get Crafty with Brain Noodles Dinosaurs

The team at UTCT were delighted when Paul Lamond’s Brain Noodles Dinosaur kit was dropped off at our office, and since most of the team are a little ‘crafty’ we knew they would love this. We were kindly sent this to review.

Brain Noodles Dinosaurs is designed for kids over six and after taking a look at the contents of this colourful and crafty kit, we just know they’re going to have ROARING time with it.

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Inside the Brain Noodles Dinosaur kit there are 12 giant noodles (which look like big fluffy coloured pipe cleaners), which bend and twist in every direction, along with wiggley eyes, pom poms, foam and stickers, which when all put together will create a selection of dinosaurs.

Using the step by step instructions, the team removed the contents of the sturdy box and started to put their favourite dinosaur together, we found the pictures very helpful.

You can buy Paul Lamond’s Brain Noodles Dinosaur kit HERE

Everyone had loads of fun creating their favourite prehistoric character using the Brain Noodles Dinosaurs kit – Elaine had the advantage as she could remember them walking around (not that we’re saying she’s old — but…)

Letting our imaginations run wild as we bent and twisted the soft, fluffy, 18 inch, jumbo noodles, each creating our own Jurassic themed version and when we had all finished we were each delighted with our creations.

Suitable for age 6 and over this kit is a great way for children to use their imagination and as the brain noodles bend in any direction they can let their creative side run wild and create their own noodle creations and have some prehistoric fun.

Brain Noodles Dinosaurs is a fun, colourful, crafty kit that would make a great birthday and Christmas gift and is ideal for keeping kids occupied on a journey.

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