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Christmas Gift Review 2021: GHD Desire on the go gift set

GHD’s Desire on the go gift set is the number one essential every hair-care lover will want this Christmas. Here we put it through its paces and ensure they tick all the boxes for royal looking-locks.

GHD Desire on the go gift set

If you’re travelling this Christmas and don’t want to be lumbered with a thousand different hair essential products then GHD’s brand new limited-edition Desire on the go gift set is the only piece of kit you’ll need for the perfect hair this festive season.

Here, Katy tests out the gift set to ensure you can have straight, curly, wavy locks anywhere and everywhere using the on the go set.

GHD on the go gift set

“Parties, work events, family gatherings – after being limited last year, I’m going to everything! which is why I loved testing out the new GHD Desire On The Go Gift Set as I needed all my usual hair essentials but really didn’t want to be hulking about 100 different products, as let’s be honest, it’s all about having the best locks during Christmas!

GHD on the go - Box

Firstly, with all GHD products, the packaging is sleek, stunning and secure – no rattling products in here. Inside you’ll find a travel-sized paddle brush, a light travel hairdryer (Halle-HAIR-lujah!) heat protect spray, the unplugged cordless styler and travel size bodyguard.

The new Desire collection is inspired by precious metals and jewels and you can really tell this just by the deep pewter tones.

GHD on the go - Box Opened

Let’s begin with just how lightweight the cordless styler and dryer actually are. Pulling out the cordless styler it was soft to touch and as you would have guessed super light, fabulous as I don’t want any aching arms when doing my hair.

The dryer, which has a cord is probably the lightest travel dryer I’ve used, and actually, one of the quickest ones to dry my hair too. It comes with a styling nozzle which I usually tend to take off and has three power settings. The dryer was not too noisy and the temperature stayed consistent. My verdict – I’m chucking out my old dryer and I’m going to keep using this one.

GHD On The Go Gift Set - Hairdryer

Now it’s time to test out the stylers because no one wants boring hair when Christmas comes around I opted to try out curls, I loved how lightweight and compact the styler is and if you’ve got an on-the-go lifestyle the unplugged model is a game-changer!

Pushing the button to on you’re greeted with the usual beep and a white light flashed until a second beep alerted me (around 40 seconds) that these were good to go and my expectations were high.

Now, like most stylers, there’s a little smell but nothing to complain about and although the plates are smaller and took a small amount of time longer to curl my hair, these did a fantastic job and still packs just as much punch as the non-cordless versions PLUS the charge held out too, which I was genuinely surprised at, as I thought I’d need to stick them into charge halfway.

GHD On The Go Gift Set - Unplugged Styler

My hair, as always with GHD products, never snagged or pulled and I was left with smooth, frizz-free and shiny locks and as there’s no extreme heat I never need to worry about damage being done, phew as I’m going to use these ALOT come party season.

Charging couldn’t be easier too, simply pop the USB into your GHD’s and either connect to your laptop or via plug and wait a couple of hours until you see full bars.

I adore the on the go set as it literally does have everything I need in one place for the perfect hairdo, plus it all comes with a very handy case to store all the products in which means if I’m in a hurry I just need to grab the bag and stuff inside my suitcase.

GHD on the go carry cases

Final verdict on the GHD on the go gift set, although it’s a little pricey (actually this will cost an eye-watering £358) it’s worth every single penny just for the cordless ghd unplugged styler alone. Not only are they everything you need for the perfect hair day, but they also do exactly what they say they do.

Now I’m off to store these in my suitcase so I don’t forget them for my next event or party.”

GHD on the go gift set will cost £358 and is available from GHD Hair.