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Go Wild For Bananagrams WildTiles

Will yo go wild for Bananagrams new game –  WildTiles?, we certainly did!  Here’s what we thought and what we think you should know. We were kindly sent this to review.

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The game is suitable for ages 1-8 players and 7 years up, so all of the team took part. We placed all of the tiles face down, including the new Bananagrams WildTiles in the centre of the table.

As there were five of us playing we each took 15 tiles and the game then began after John shouted ‘Split’ The aim of the game was to be first to use all of our letters in a word grid.

There was no taking turns it was just a game of who could complete a word grid using all the 15 tiles, words could be horizontal, vertical, reading left to right or top to bottom.

Going through the game Elaine, Katy and John all had a WildTile (a new feature of the game) the tile of which there are six of can be used as any letter the player chooses.  At this point Holly needed a few more letters before she could make a word so she shouted “Peel” this gave everyone the opportunity to pick another tile from the bunch and added it to our own grid.

Mandy was close to using all of her tiles but was stuck with one and had to shout “Dump!” she could then discard her unwanted tile but in turn had to pick up a further 3 tiles from the bunch.  Fortunately for Mandy she managed to get not 1, but 2 WildTiles from the bunch and could use them in her word grid which then left her with no tiles.  At this point Mandy shouted “Bananas!” and became Top Banana!. After telling the rest of the players what the letters the WildTiles represented and the other players checked the word grid closely, Mandy was declared the winner.

We continued the game for runner up, 3rd place, 4th place and last place. Elaine was next to complete her word grid, closely followed by Katy and Holly with John coming in last place.

Overall we thought the game was, fun, educational and gave a lot of laughs as we all rushed trying to complete our word grids and if your traveling over Christmas you can easily take this with you.

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