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The average adult experiences 2-3 colds each year, with typical symptoms including coughing, sniffling, a blocked nose and a sore throat.

Grether’s Pastilles are the natural sore throat soothers loved by A list celebrities including Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Harry Styles. Here they share top tips on how you can help alleviate the symptoms.

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The common cold is usually caused by pathogens and viruses that are transmitted by airborne infections. In most cases, a cold disappears without any problems and will be completely cured within no more than a week. After one or two days, the sore throat, hoarseness and inflamed throat should have diminished considerably. Nevertheless, the symptoms are unpleasant and can have a really restricting effect on our everyday lives. These five simple tips can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the amount of time you’re suffering:

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•        Silence is Golden – If you have a sore throat, you should try to protect your voice as much as possible. Most colds will also affect your larynx and vocal chords, so try to speak as little as possible. Whispering can actually cause additional damage to your voice, so if you must speak, try to do so quickly and at a normal volume.

•        Stay at Home – Being struck down with a cold is the perfect time to take a duvet day. Rest is the best medicine and you should avoid public places as much as possible. If you’re able to work from home then definitely take advantage of that option.

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•        Gargle – To help minimise pain at the back of your throat, mix half a teaspoon of salt with approx. 0.4l of lukewarm water (or use a strong herbal tea such as camomile or sage), take a large glug and gargle for around 60 seconds. This will keep your mucus membrane moist and help prevent the cold virus from reproducing.

•        Drink Plenty – Too much or too little mucus leads to irritation in the throat and results in your constant need to clear it, further straining the affected areas. Both hot and cold drinks can help ease the discomfort, but hot drinks can be extra soothing. Try herbal teas such as aniseed, fennel, ginger and green tea. Another great home remedy is to mix lemon juice with a spoonful of honey and dissolve in hot water. The lemon acts as an antiseptic and the honey is extra soothing.

Grethers Pastilles

•        Treat Yourself – Whether you are recuperating at home or dealing with your day-to-day, Grether’s Pastilles will help ease the symptoms of your cold. With their pure and natural ingredients, they’re guaranteed to soothe your mouth and throat, and they taste pretty good too!

Grether’s Pastilles are available in a traditional or sugar free 60g tin (£3.99), 110g tin (£5.99), 440g tin (£19.99) or 100g refill pouch (£4.23) in Blackcurrant, Elderflower, Redcurrant and Blueberry flavours from

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