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How to keep your Christmas tree up all year round

Let’s be clear there’s no reason why you can’t keep your Christmas tree up all year. We’ve put together a list on how you can keep your Christmas tree up all year round – just with a little twist.

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It’s time for the holiday tree!

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If like us you shed a tear every time you have to pack away the beloved Christmas tree then put away that kleenex as we’ve got a handful of ideas on why you should be hurrying back in the attic to bring your spruce back out.

1. Valentines Day
Why shouldn’t we have our tree up all year? OK we appreciate Christmas decorations might not be suitable however you can turn your spruce into a holiday tree celebrating many different occasions. Right now Valentine’s day baubles are a thing – yes we’re not telling fibs! so why not decorate your tree in red hearts, pink tinsel and even place crackers like these heart shaped crackers from Sainsbury’s on the branches.

Image credit: Sainsburys

2. Spring Tree
Go all out pastel and decorate your tree full of Spring novelties such as bunting, homemade paper flowers and pastel coloured ribbon instead of tinsel.

Image credit: Pixabay

3. Easter
Already being dubbed “second Christmas” Easter has took many of the traditional decorations we see at Christmas and put a fun spin on them. From egg baubles such as these glass versions from John Lewis & Partners to crackers and lights, your tree will look super elegant. You can now even buy an Easter garland – were just waiting on jumpers now!

Image credit: Pixabay

4. Summer
As the days get warmer and more bright colours come into play you can put dried flowers nestled throughout the tree to create a stunning masterpiece. Perhaps getting the kids to craft decorations such as painting seashells would also be a good option.

Image credit: Pixabay

5. Autumn
Autumn trees are becoming more and more popular with sprayed pine cones, dried/fake leafs, sunflowers and even some of the woodland Christmas baubles you may have bought at Christmas being placed on such as this cluster bauble from Laura Ashley.


6. Halloween
If you’re fan of the most spookiest time of the year then why not show it! A tree filled with pumpkins, lights, novelty Halloween baubles and dark tinsel will make your home spook-tacular. Tip – instead of topping the tree with a star try a witches hat for more effect or put big wreath on your tree (like this one below from John Lewis last year) for the WOW factor.

Image credit: John Lewis

No excuse needed for our tree – Just full blown all out Christmas!

We’ll never need to put the tree away again however we’re note sure if “Rockin’ around the Summer tree” has the same spin.

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