John Lewis & Partners 2019 Christmas Decorations And Themes

For 2019, John Lewis & Partners reveal seven new decorating themes. Think traditional to hobbies and interests. Here we preview their Christmas 2019 collection.

A first look at John Lewis’ key Christmas themes for 2019 – and some top decoration ideas.

John Lewis & Partners Christmas 2019 Home trends

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John Lewis’ latest Christmas collections were inspired by talking to its customers and Partners about how they celebrate Christmas. With no two families celebrating the holiday the same way, this is their most diverse collection yet.

Here, we take a first look at John Lewis & Partners key Christmas themes for 2019 – and some top decoration ideas.

John Lewis & Partners Green Baubles Wrap

While browsing the new trends, we’ve picked out some decorations and baubles from each theme to help inspire the look. The John Lewis Christmas range is in-store and online NOW! Get a preview below.

TRADITIONS – Based on a reflection on what a ‘Traditional’ Christmas means today. Think baking biscuits and playing in the snow.

John Lewis & Partners Traditions


John Lewis Nicola Hattersley, Partner and tabletop buyer says:  “Prepare your table this Christmas with our Palazzo  gold banded porcelain range.  Layer it beautifully with linens, gold cutlery and our connoisseur glasses to create height on the table.  The Palazzo range is great value and easily styled for a timeless Christmas setting.

John Lewis & Partners, Traditions Mince PieBUY NOW  John Lewis & Partners, Traditions Mince Pie £7.00

SNOWSCAPE – Think faux furs, natural materials and layering woollen blankets, basically a Winter wonderland.

John Lewis & Partners Snowscape

John Lewis said: “This theme is inspired by the memory of the first dusting of snow transforming the surrounding landscape into a stunning scenery.”

John Lewis & Partners Snowscape Glass Car with Tree
BUY NOW  John Lewis & Partners, Snowscape Glass Car with Tree £12.00

SANCTUARY – Step back and escape into your private sanctuary.

John Lewis & Partners Sanctuary

John Lewis said: “This collection is driven by mindfulness and nature responding to new priorities of well-being, rest and rejuvenation”

John Lewis & Partners Snowflake Gold/Blush Wrap

BUY NOW  John Lewis & Partners, Snowflake Gold/Blush Wrap £4.00

CAMPFIRE – A reminder of hobbies and activities we enjoy throughout the seasons

John Lewis & Partners Campfire

John Lewis’ Fionnuala Johnston, Partner and Senior Designer said: “Being at one with nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative.  Taking inspiration from nature and the rich tones of Autumn this is a vibrant Christmas style” 

John Lewis & Partners Campfire Glass Caravan

BUY NOW  John Lewis & Partners, Campfire Glass Caravan £8.00

GARDEN RETREAT – The trend to bring the outdoors in.

John Lewis & Partners Garden Retreat

John Lewis’ Dan Cooper, Partner and Christmas Buyer said: “Garden Retreat is the theme I’ve been waiting for.  In Spring and Summer, when I’m not being ‘Mr Christmas’, I’m out in my garden enjoying the incredible diversity of flowers, foliage and insects that make it come alive. Our Garden retreat theme keeps the Summer vibe going and reminds us of the wonders of nature in the depths of Winter.  Following the trend set at this year’s Chelsea Flower show, garden retreat is all about shades of Green, from Silvery Eucalyptus to glossy Holly” 

John Lewis & Partners Garden White Painted Bee

BUY NOW  John Lewis & Partners, Garden White Painted Bee £10.00

ABC – Within this theme there is a toy or animal decoration for each letter of the alphabet.

John Lewis & Partners ABC

John Lewis said: “These decorations also provide nostalgia for adults reminding them of Christmases and toys past. In addition, this fun theme stimulates learning through shapes, colours and texture”

John Lewis & Partners ABC Green Tanystropheus Dino

BUY NOW  John Lewis & Partners, ABC Green Tanystropheus Dino £8.00

PARTY – Inspired by the flamboyant nightclub scenes of the 80s and 90s.

John Lewis & Partners Party

Rachel Costello, Partner and gift food & drink buyer, said: “Celebrate the festive season with our vibrant party theme. We have collaborated with brilliant brands to create a variety of alcohol related gift food which includes our Gin Panettone and boozy prestat chocolates. Our famous Edinburgh Gin advent, is back by popular demand!”

John Lewis & Partners, Party Santa in Bath

BUY NOW  John Lewis & Partners,Party Santa in Bath Bauble, Silver £15.00

Shop the FULL John Lewis & Partners Christmas Shop Here.

It’s time for us to start shopping!

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