Listen To Your Favourite Music As You Shower With Polk Boom Swimmer Duo!

Bluetooth music devices are certainly going to be popular for Christmas 2016. Now, a new device has been released where you can listen to your favourite music as you shower or whilst you work in the garden with the new Polk Boom Swimmer Duo.


The Polk Boom Swimmer Duo is waterproof, dirt proof and shock proof. The hook is flexible meaning it can fix itself to most places, not to mention the suction cups which are ideal for attaching to a wall or unit.

As mentioned, the speaker is waterproof. You can listen to music under water up to a meter deep!


We sent the king of gadgets off to try this out. Here’s what John thought:

“I was expecting it to be pretty heavy but actually it’s quite lightweight. It looks a bit strange with the flexible tail, but I was excited to attach this to my lawnmower for when I’m cutting the grass. I have a good playlist (full of Christmas music of course!) that I synced to the device. I started cutting the grass and I could still hear the music above the noise of the lawnmower! It has 8 hours battery life which is great.  I accidentally dropped this when I was taking it out of the box and it didn’t fall to pieces either which is practically unheard of with most electronic devices! I might just keep a hold of this nifty device and I’m pretty sure I know a few people who will be receiving one for their Christmas!”

There you have it, techno fan John is a big fan!For more information and to buy this, click here.

Will you be asking Santa for the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo this Christmas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or alternatively, get in touch using the social media icons.

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