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Now you can get Pigs In Blanket flavoured chocolates

Just when we thought Pigs in Blankets couldn’t get any more amazing, we were wrong as you can now get Pigs in Blanket Flavoured Chocolate, plus what’s more, they’re vegan.

Well, why not?…

Sony Movies Christmas - Paul A Young Pigs in Blanket
Image credit: Sony Movies Christmas/Paul A Young

When we first heard about the idea of a savoury, meat flavoured chocolate, we were a little baffled, to say the least, did we really need these in our lives but the answer was OF COURSE!

Hear us out, Award-winning Chocolatier, Paul A Young launched the limited edition ‘pig in blankets’ chocolates to celebrate the launch of Sony Movies Christmas. Using a smoky 75% Papua New Guinea chocolate for the shell and filled with a ganache created to celebrate the herbs and spices used in chipolata sausages – thyme and sage plus a touch of Marmite for tang to recreate that meaty taste, however, believe it or not, these are 100% vegan.

Paul A Young Sony Movies Christmas Pigs in Blanket
Image credit: Sony Movies Christmas/Paul A Young

Paul A Young says, “It’s very exciting as a chocolatier to have the opportunity to create unique and stand out products that will spark so much conversation and joy. Creating the pigs in blankets Chocolates has been one of the most enjoyable product development projects I’ve had to work on. It’s exactly what I enjoy, creating a unique inspiring chocolate to taste like sausage and bacon and to be vegan friendly. Using Papua New Guinea couverture from British chocolate producer Firetree allowed me to enhance its already smoky character and add an aromatic ganache with all the flavours of herbs and spices. It’s the perfect festive chocolate!”.

The limited edition pigs in blankets flavoured chocolates will be available from Paul A Young for one month, costing £18.60.

They may even go well with the Christmas turkey!

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