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Santa’s Festive Fashion Picks!

Santa is the man of the season and as such, he takes pride in how he looks. Here, we take a look at some of Santa’s festive fashion picks, which were kindly gifted to us. We earn a commission from links in this page, modelled by the main man himself. Take it away Santa!


For days when Santa is trying to keep under the radar, wearing his usual Red hat would make him instantly recognizable which is why Santa can be seen wearing this Chester Hat from Minimum.dk. The Navy blue brings out his eyes, we think you’ll agree and as this is actually a ladies hat, we think Mrs Claus would love it too. It’s certainly bang on trend and would make the ideal gift.


With December on it’s way, it’s important Santa keeps warm on his sleigh on Christmas eve, which is why he likes to use this tartan scarf with fringing. It is long enough to wrap him up and is made of wool to keep him comfortable during his long journey. Again, this is also from minimum.dk.  Santa can think of a few reindeer who might also be grateful of this under their Christmas Tree.


Here, Santa can be seen modelling a green mac from Happy Rainy Days. Santa thinks Mrs Claus could wear this for days when she’s outside checking on the reindeer or for socializing with the elves as this looks stylish but is also functional as it is wind and rain proof.  It also has taped seams to stop any water coming through and is very comfortable. This is available at Happy Rainy Days.


Being Santa’s wife, Mrs Claus is notoriously difficult to please in the gifts department but this year, Santa wants to get her something a little bit special. This Chevron Quilt Jacket is from the Edinburgh Woolen Mill is stylish without sacrificing on comfort. Available in sizes 10-24, Santa reckons this will please Mrs Claus this Christmas.


Santa’s right hand man ‘Frosty the Snowman’ feels the cold. Being made of snow means frosty often gets a bit chilly which is why Santa thinks this owl print Hot Water Bottle from the Edinburgh Woolen Mill will go down a treat for Frosty this Christmas. We know you might be thinking the heat will melt Frosty, but anyone who’s anyone knows that Frosty is made of un-meltable snow and never melts, he just goes away on his holidays after Christmas.

Well there you have all of Santa’s Festive Fashion Picks. Doesn’t he look stylish? Let us know what you’d love to see Santa wear over Christmas in the comments below.

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