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Could we be shopping for Winter woolies earlier than ever before?

As the UK goes into lockdown, clothing and footwear stores will close so could this mean retail stores will jump straight into Winter stock when we do eventually get back to normal?…

Will Christmas arrive earlier in stores?

Winter gloves and accessories

Well, we all know times are very different as of right now and we’re all having to change the way we do things and look forward to more of the back end of the year and this is no different for businesses including TV shows and of course retailers.

As we move into the Spring/Summer season our clothing and footwear changes from boots to sandals and coats to t-shirts however with such uncertain times due to coronavirus retailers are expecting the warmer season to be a write-off. According to GlobalData, retail is set to be the worst-hit sector, Patrick O’Brien, UK Retail Research Director at GlobalData said:

“Retailers will be forced to cancel (as Primark has already done), postpone or redesign orders to avoid significant levels of terminal stock loss in June and July.”

Summer accessories

So what does that mean for stores and shoppers?

Well, if big retailers such as Primark are cancelling stock and redesigning orders when they do eventually open back up it’s likely the shelves will be filled with snuggly Winter favourites, as if they had never left and if this is the case Christmas could arrive even earlier than ever before in-stores and online as they try to make up for lost sales.

Woman in winter apparel

Looking at the bright side, we might be able to wear our novelty knits earlier than usual if this is the case.

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