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How will Coronavirus affect Christmas television?

As COVID-19 has brought television filming to a complete standstill, how will Coronavirus affect our Christmas TV viewing? Here’s what we know so far…

Will shows pick up where they were left off or start new storylines?

Christmas TV

For many of us up and down the UK, television plays a huge part in our daily lives and even more so now with social distance and new government rules, and with that being said some of our favourite soaps, dramas and entertainment shows have had to halt filming due to this pandemic.

So where will that leave our much-loved soaps and storylines? Well BBC bosses have confirmed EastEnders, Casualty, Doctors and Holby City has suspended filming, with EastEnders now only airing two episodes from four, however, a little light at the end of the tunnel is that they do have enough shows for several months – phew!

BBC EastEnders Linda Carter at the Queen Vic
Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes

Fast-forwarding to later in the year, yeah we know it’s a long while off, but if we’re getting shows cut, we still will want to know what or where the storylines will pick up from. Will EastEnders cut storylines that were planned for later in the year and carry forward the current storylines we have just now? For example, Will Mick & Linda be living away from the Vic and could Lola be pregnant with Peter’s baby or will they simply do flashbacks like the 35th anniversary?….. definite duff duff here!

As for Corrie and Emmerdale, well they’re in a similar position as directors confirmed that shows would be cut back, this will mean Corrie will air just three shows instead of the usual six. Again, will it stop filming and pick up later in the year? Who knows, however it would make one heck of an opener if the whole of the cobbles were counting down the big Christmas switch on when it does come back on TV.

Coronation Street Christmas Spoiler 2017

Shows including Line of Duty and Peaky Blinders have also been stopped, could this mean a Winter/Christmas release plus if Ant & Dec do eventually have to call it quits could the show pick up November-ish WITH a Christmas special?

With such uncertain times, we can only look and plan to a brighter future and this includes our Christmas TV viewing.

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