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The battle of the 19p Christmas veg is BACK

UK supermarkets have “turnip” the heat this Christmas as they launch the 19p veg deal, see the offers and stores taking part.

Vegetables - Potatoes - Carrots - Brussels Sprouts - Parsnips

Festive feasters at the ready as the Christmas price war on veggies has begun with Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury’s slashing the cost of the dinner table staples.

Aldi fresh vegetables all sourced from British suppliers, include Carrots (1kg), White Potatoes (2kg), Parsnips (500g), Red and White Cabbages (each), Brussels Sprouts (500g), and Swede (each) – all 19p each, saving shoppers up to 80%.

Aldi Veg Offers Christmas 2022

Lidl is also offering British Carrots (1kg), British Parsnips (500g) British Mini Roasts (1.5kg), British Swede and the all-important British Brussels Sprouts (500g) at 19p.

Lidl Christmas Veg offer 2022

Sainsbury’s Carrots (1kg), Brussels Sprouts (500g), White Potatoes (2.5kg) and (500g) Parsnips will also be at a lower price of 19p.

We’ve reached out to Tesco and Asda and await their offers.

Get ready to stock up and get those veggies on the table.