Tips on brightening your home with the darker nights drawing in

With winter edging ever closer, a cosy den might be all you want at night, however don’t get left in the dark because of your furnishings. Small rooms in particular can fall victim to dimmer light and can often cast a shadowon your mood.

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Don’t panic though, the team at have come up with a few tips and tricks to brighten up your house ready for when the cold, dark nights draw in.

Add a brighter colour

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If you have walls with a darker hue, try switching things up a bit with a fresher slick of paint and some brighter furniture. The darker the colour, the more light is absorbed, meaning that even less is reflected, making your room instantly darker. In short, the lighter your room, the more light gets reflected.


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On the other hand, dark colours can actually add a touch of character to your room, standing out against the paler tones. Darker bed spreads or cushions help to emphasise the brightness of the room. Alternatively, if you want to avoid dark colours altogether, try looking for patterned items such as a colourful throw to add texture to your room. Monochrome is always safest and helps to make your room appear less flat.


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Mirrors are another great way to add a splash of light into your room, these open up your room and create the illusion of space, making your room feel a lot bigger and brighter than it may be. They also help to double the amount of light that is reflected around your room.

Replace artwork with stylish mirrors and bold frames to add character and volume to your room. With so many different styles available feel free to explore the wide range of options.

Open up to natural light

Bright Sunlight
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No matter how many lamps, overhead lights and mirrors you cram into your room, nothing will ever beat the power of natural light. Even when the sun isn’t shining, the light coming through the clouds can do wonders.

Switch up your curtains

Christmas curtains
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Thick curtains may add a touch of cosiness to a cold winters evening; however lighter weight or sheer curtains allow more natural light to enter the room. Natural light, along with brightly coloured walls, instantly brightens your room. To keep your privacy, try some blinds or a blackout window shade to optimise the amount of light bouncing off your walls whilst maintaining a cosy space during the cooler nights.

Look up

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An often neglected aspect of rooms are ceilings, but it’s a little known fact that these can make a massive impact on your rooms. A brilliant way to bring in light is with a high gloss paint, reflecting light whilst also allowing you to be experimental with your design.

Wood panelled or darkly coloured ceilings are notorious for absorbing crucial light, but they can also add style and drama to your room. Get around this by introducing a skylight and avoiding dark floors or alternatively, if dark ceilings aren’t your thing, think about wooden beams in your ceiling to add character.

Contrast your darker ceilings with dramatic light fixtures and dimmer switches to control the amount of light in your room, creating the perfect  set up for a cosy night in.

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