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Let’s blow our top as we boogie woogie our way into the 1950’s, this decade is so fly we are going to have to try and cool our heels with all of this lame slang!

Having marched our way through the fabulous forties it’s time to take a look at the golden age of the fifties in the next round up of our ByGone Christmases.

Every month UndertheChristmasTree takes a look back at a different decade, discussing fashion and events that hit the news at Christmas, our favourite time of year.

Having survived the war everyone’s spirits began to lift.  Gone were the confines of rationing and sleeping in bomb shelters. During the 1950’s life was good for most and this was felt over the festive months too.

As men returned from war a huge sense of relief was felt, although the subject of the war was never far from everyone’s lips. The TV news announced that ‘The King is Dead! – God Save the Queen!’ and the young Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen in 1952.

Education began to improve and girls were encouraged to study towards a career, however for married women working was still considered a huge No! No!

If you were a child of the fifties it is likely that your mother stayed at home creating a warm and safe environment for the family, while your father would go to work to provide an income for all the family – in 1957 a man’s wage was around £10 per week – how little could we buy with that today!

Although most people still did their washing by hand the number of washing machines was increasing. By the start of the fifties the typical family home had a cooker, vacuum cleaner a radio and toilet paper!

New food products started to appear on the market and fish fingers became a children’s favourite.

Children were happy and in the most healthy, they spent most of their free time playing outside with other children or taking part in their favourite hobby.

Evening entertainment for the family usually came from the radio and for those lucky enough to own one, a black and white television was a prized possession.  During the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, those who had a TV found their homes crowded with neighbours, family and friends all desperate to watch the event live.

As always Christmas was a time for families and many children asked Santa for the latest board games including Monopoly, Ludo and Snakes and Ladders, girls would love to receive a hula hoop and the boys an i-spy book, both would have great fun with a yo-yo another popular addition to Santa’s list. Mum would be delighted to receive a piece of jewellery while men who enjoyed gardening may enjoy a gardening book and some cigarettes or cigars.

A 1950s traditional Christmas saw tangerines being put into the bottom of children’s stockings, presents being opened after breakfast and families sitting down to turkey and all the trimmings.

After the clothing rationing ended women were keen to have skirts made with huge amounts of material after they had to skimp on material during the war years.

Dancing was popular in the fifties and couples danced their way through the decade, listening to favourite singers such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and the Everly Brothers.

From big announcements to a vintage family Christmas, UnderTheChristmasTree will be visiting this rocking era and taking a look back at all the traditions.

Why not join us as we Rock ‘n’ Roll our way through our Byegone Christmases of the 1950’s.

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