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10 best Christmas books for kids to get into the festive spirit

We’ve handpicked the best Christmas books your children will remember for years to come. From short stories to easy page-turners, here are the 10 best 2021 Christmas books for children.

10 best Christmas books for kids to get into the festive spirit

After what feels like months and months, it’s the most wonderful time of the year again – Christmas. Everyone is captivated with the magic that is putting up the decorations, hanging the stockings and gobbling on mince pies.

In the whirlwind of the season, nothing beats snuggling up for a bedtime story with your child and we’ve picked out the top 10 best Christmas books for your little ones, that’ll make them even more excited for December 25th.

Below, we’ve picked everything from short stories to novels.

  1. Tinsel – The Girls Who Invented Christmas – Sibeal Pounder
Christmas books for kids 2021 - Tinsel - The Girls Who Invented Christmas

From Sibeal Pounder, Tinsel – The Girls Who Invented Christmas is hilarious, full of fun and empowering. After Blanche meets Rinki on Christmas Day a bond forms between the two girls. With a love of mince pie picnics in the snow. the two conjure a plan to change the future of Christmas. Join Blanche Claus and her best friend Rinki for a funny, festive sleigh ride you’ll never forget.

BUY HERE Tinsel – The Girls Who Invented Christmas £9.99

2. Snow Ghost – Tony Mitton & Diana Mayo

Christmas books for kids 2021 - Snow Ghost

This timeless story of hope and belonging, tells the story of Snow Ghost who is searching for a home for shelter and rest but realises no one would welcome a ghost. As she flies through the sky she finally notices a boy & girl having fun in the snow. Snow Ghost is welcomed and takes part, as the boy and girl are called to bed, it’s time for the snowy-fun to stop and for Snow Ghost to head away but the children know in their hearts Snow Ghost was settled at a home they knew was best.

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3. The Little Fir Tree – Christopher Corr

Christmas books for kids 2021 - The Little Fir Tree - Christopher Corr

The Little Fir Tree is a tale of a beautiful fir tree who wishes to see the world, when the tree is taken to town at Christmas, all his dream have come true, but what about the day after, what happens then? A story about appreciating and being grateful for what we already have.

BUY HERE The Little Fir Tree £11.99

4. The Toys’ Christmas – Claire Clement

Christmas books for kids 2021 - The Toys' Christmas - Claire Clement

A warm, cuddly Christmas story tells how Santa ensures he leaves the perfect gift for each child – with the help from their favourite toys. Fanfan, Noah’s toys elephant has gone missing, but little does he know, Fanfan is creapt out of th ehouse to join other soft toys to see Santa! The perfect bedtime story for your little ones this festive season.

BUY NOW The Toys’ Christmas £11.99

5. Frozen Mountain – Emily Hawkins

Christmas books for kids 2021 - Frozen Mountain - Emily Hawkins

Making dinner and want to entertain the kids this Christmas? then look no firther than Frozen Mountain pop-out Survival Spinner book. You’re lost in the mountains after an emegrency landing, and you are at rish from dangers including hypotermia, inside your rucksack, you have everything you need to survive. Using the pop0put spinner you will learn your fate.

BUY NOW Frozen Mountain Pop-Out Game Book £20

6. Little Country Cottage – Winter Treasury – Angela Ferraro-Fanning 

Christmas books for kids 2021 - Little Country Cottage - Winter Treasury book

This delightfully illustrated seasonal treasury of nature-based crafts, baking recipes and gardening projects for the winter celebrates the country cottage lifestyle with self-sufficient and eco-friendly fun. Packed full of fun crafting projects such as making salt-dough ornaments to foliage wreath this will keep your little ones busy on the build-up to the big day!

BUY NOW Little Country Cottage – Winter Treasury £7.99

7. Wishyouwas: The tiny guardian of lost letters – Alexandra Page

Christmas books for kids 2021 - Wishyouwas -The tiny guardian of lost letters

A charming story about a little girl called Penny Black, who feels lonelier than ever as her mum and Uncle Frank are busy running the post office as Christmas is fast approaching. Penny discovers, a small, fluffy, funny, springy and – most importantly – talking creature in the post office one night, trying to make off with a letter. But Wishyouwas is no thief. He’s a Sorter, and he soon introduces Penny to a fascinating secret world hidden in the tunnels underneath the city’s streets. However, the sinister Royal Mail Rat Catcher is on the prowl determined to catch the sorters!

BUY NOW Wishyouwas: The tiny guardian of lost letters £12.99

8. Jingle Smells – Mark Sperring

Jingle Smells Book

Jingle the merry little Skunk loves Christmas, however as he skips his way to town on Christmas Eve a tribbly stinky sme;; causes all sorts of trouble and is convinced he’s destroyed Christmas. However, when Santa needs his help to capture a gang of robbers, it’s upto Jingle Smells to save Christmas! Fun, even funnier than expect and full of adventure.

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9. Monster Christmas

Best Christmas Books for children 2021 - Monster Christmas

This heart-warming rhyming book, tells the tale of a young Monster who is looking to do good this Christmas, as an opportunity arrives down his chimney, from non-other than Santa himself (as he needs a break!) Monster waves goodbye to his parents and heads to the North Pole, where he trains to be the new Santa. Christmas Eve arrives and Monster is ready, however as he goes around the world people shout and scream at him as he looks different, Monster heads back home when he stumbles across a little girl who embraces him warmly and loves him for who he is. A real magical tale of friendship and kindness.

BUY NOW Monster Christmas, £6.99

10. Robin Robin by Dan Ojari, Mikey Please and illustrated by Briony May Smith

Robin Robin Two Hoots - illustrated by Briony May Smith

The heartwarming story of a robin adopted by a family of mice, inspired by the Christmas film created by Aardman for Netflix, shares the story of Robin who is so keen to fit in with her little mice family she even pulls her feathers into ears, however, Robin comes to realize nothing can make a noisy, rather clumsy, bird good at sneaking crumbs for the family without disturbing the dreaded cat!

BUY HERE Robin Robin, £12.99

11. The Christmasaurus and The Naughty List by Tom Fletcher, £12.99

Tom Fletcher The Christmasaurus and the Naughty List Book

The Christmasaurus is back and this year it’s all about the naughty list. Written by number one children’s book author,  Tom Fletcher, this years magical adventure the Christmasaurus is on a mission to track down children who have found themselves on the Naughty List to help them turn naughty to nice! Grownups and young children alike will fall in love with the new novel which Tom described himself in our exclusive Q&A as: Happy-making, Christmassy and Adventurous.

BUY NOW The Christmasaurus and The Naughty List by Tom Fletcher, £12.99

These beautiful children’s Christmas books are sure to help you’re little one feel even more special on the run-up to the big day.

Happy Reading!