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10 Reasons To Choose A Winter/Christmas Wedding!

We know right now that a lot of people have Weddings on the brain which is why we thought we would combine weddings with our favourite time of year and give you 10 reasons to choose a Winter/Christmas wedding.

Snowflakes Winter Wedding

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1 – Snow
We know it’s the UK and the likelihood of having a white snowy wedding at the right time of year is slim, however you can guarantee to have a white wedding if you choose to accessorize with a fake snow machine. Think Phoebe’s Wedding in Friends…

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2 – Christmas Colours
Many summer weddings consist of pastel colours or summer shades. However, we all know that Christmas is the most colourful time of year. You can accessorize with deep red’s, greens, festive metallics and even have Christmas baubles as wedding favors. Ahh Bliss!

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3 – A Fireside Reception
Your Wedding reception could be adorned with candles and a big fireplace that burns as you eat your meal and the toasts are made. A romantic feel will be had by all the guest when walking into a venue with a roaring fire. Try Hotels.com for your wedding destinations.

4 – Festive Decor
Whether you choose to decorate your wedding venue simplistically or adorned with fairy lights and Christmas tree’s, your wedding will look and feel heartwarming.  What’s more you could add real chocolates on a Christmas tree to keep your guest hunger pangs at bay.

5 – Availability
Summer weddings are much more common than winter weddings. You are less likely to clash with another wedding at that time of year or with your guests summer holidays meaning most of the people you invite to celebrate your big day with you are more likely to attend. To top it off, it also means your favourite hairstylists and companies are more likely to be available.

6 – Everyone Is Happier At Christmas
Your guests will naturally be happy. Christmas brings out the best in people – even children are better behaved at that time of year (let’s face it, every kid wants to get on Santa’s nice list! One threat of the naughty list and your children will be little angels throughout the day.)

7 – Food & Drink
Summer weddings are filled with ‘light’ meals and salads. Over Winter, you could have a full roast dinner for your wedding dinner. Why not have a turkey dinner, Christmas pudding for pudding, Mulled wine for drinks and candy canes as snacks throughout the day for the kids? Yum!

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8 – Winter Honeymoons!
Your Honeymoon is one of the best parts of your big day. Many people choose to go on sunny breaks for their honeymoon which is fantastic, but imagine visiting Christmas markets and snowy nights filled with fireside glasses of mulled wine and music?.

9 – Christmas Music
Music is something we all relate to. A certain song comes on and we’re instantly transported to the happy memory surrounding it. Having a Winter Wedding means you can fill your wedding venue with carols and party all night to shakin’ Stevens.

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10 – Cost!
Last but by no means least is the cost. We all know that Weddings can be expensive, especially at popular times of the year which is why having a Winter Wedding is much more cost effective. Everything from Bridesmaids dresses to wedding favors are lower in price over Winter so save yourself some money and have a Winter Wedding, (and don’t forget to invite us!)

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