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2015 Gift Idea: Sennheiser Momentum In Ear Headphones

The Sennheiser Momentum In Ear Headphones will make it easy for you to listen to those Christmas Carols this festive season.


We know it’s ridiculous to suggest, but some people may not be a huge fan of our Christmas music. Shocking right? This being the case, headphones are always a good idea (for them, not us of course!) The Sennheiser Momentum In Ear Headphones for Apple Iphone/Ipad/Ipod are the ideal headphones to include as a Christmas Gift.

Brightly coloured in a metallic (and very Christmassy if we do say so ourselves) red, these noise cancelling headphones are a great alternative to over head earphones.

The headphones are available with a choice of two handy three-button in-line remotes with integrated mic, optimised for either Apple iOS or Samsung Galaxy smart devices, making it easy to phone and listen to music at the touch of a button.


We asked Mandy to put these to the test and being the technology fanatic that she is, she was more than happy to try them out.

“I have small ears and so the first thing I wanted to see was if these would be uncomfortable but they come with an ear adapter set which has sizes XS, S, M & L – I’m already sold on these just at seeing the ear adapter set, but when I saw that I can control my iphone, ipad or ipod using them, I just felt like all of my techy dreams had came true at once.

You can use the ‘remote’ to make a phonecall or to control the volume of your headphones at literally the touch of a button. The headphones thankfully have a carry case too which is handy considering every pair of headphones I own have always ended up tangled in a knot at the bottom of my handbag.


As for the quality of sound, these are definitely noise cancelling and are definitely great quality. They even have a built in microphone for making phonecalls which I was impressed with. The best part of the Sennheiser M2IEi? The fact that three hours in, my ears don’t hurt at all. Brilliant product and an ideal Christmas gift.” – Well, Mandy was certainly impressed

These are available at numerous stores, including Amazon.

For more information including other available sets please visit: http://en-uk.sennheiser.com/

Will you be asking Santa Claus for the Sennheiser Momentum In Ear Headphones? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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