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2023 UK Snow Watch – Will It Be A White Christmas?

Hoping snow will be falling all around you this festive season? look no further as we put together the latest odds on a White Christmas in Britain.

The BIG FREEZE is on its way…or is it? According to weather forecasters, the UK is set for the coldest winter in around in decades in the next month.  Blanketing the nation in deep snow beyond Christmas and into 2024, could we be guaranteed a white Christmas?

Image of dog playing in the snow
Image credit: 947051 via pixabay

The first blast of Winter was spotted in Ben Nevis in September.

According to UK forecasters, Britain is set for heavy snowfall, winds and hailstones starting from mid-October but will snowfall on Christmas day?! – New information suggests like back in 2010, snow event after snow event will hit Britain.

Odds for a white Christmas in the UK for 2023 from William Hill:

Edinburgh (Airport) 2/1
Leeds (Leeds-Bradford Airport) 3/1
Birmingham (Airport) 6/1
London (Airport) 11/1
Belafast (Airport) 7/2
Manchester (Airport) 4/1
Bristol (Airport) 7/1
Glasgow (Airport) 2/1

UK Snow Fact – Did you know the deepest snow ever recorded in an inhabited area of the UK was near Ruthin in North Wales during the severe Winter of 1946-47. In March 1947 a snow depth of 1.65 metres was recorded.

The Met Office rule for an official white Christmas is that “one snowflake (must) be observed falling in the 24 hours of 25 December somewhere in the UK”.

Bing Crosby isn’t the only one dreaming of it!

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