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5 easy ways to save & earn money post Christmas

Money can be tight come January especially when the unwanted hefty bills arrive, but don’t fear! as we’ve put together 5 easy ways you can save and earn money post Christmas.

Start being a little bit scrooge-y….

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1. Re-gifting: Re-gifting doesn’t mean giving out rubbish presents you don’t want, it’s actually a great solution for your unwanted gifts which you are likely to never use and can save you money on Birthdays and special occasions too! Carefully choose your recipient as you obviously don’t want to give back a present they gave you.

2. eBay: You’ve probably received a ton of new clothing and accessories at Christmas, so take the time to do a massive clear out and in the process list on eBay – you’d be surprised at just how much you can make.

3. Use up leftovers: STOP BUYING! If like us your cupboards are full to the brim with excess food why not write down everything you have and prepare meals with the ingredients, again simple but very cost-effective and no waste.

4. Hunt for voucher codes: Everyone at this time of the year needs to tighten their belts so if you do have to buy something new go online first and search for voucher codes, this could save you on delivery charges, money off shopping bills and even coupons for free products.

5. Make shopping lists:  There’s a reason why Santa checked his list twice, not only does a list keep you on track with items you actually need, it will also help to not overspend. Once you’ve made a list double-check cupboards/fridges/freezers to ensure you’re not doubling up and wasting money.

Do you have any money-saving and earning tips? Share yours below and let’s start the Christmas 2020 prep early.

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