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A new Furby is hatching – Furby BOOM!

Hasbro shares with us “A new generation is hatching” after teasing us with the new Furby called Furby Boom!

After putting a statement which read: “Oh-Kah-Tee [Furbish for OMG, or Oh My God], Hasbro teased us with a very colourful picture of what look like a egg and the words Furby Boom on the front.

The toy manufacturer also took to it’s Facebook page and shared with all us fans the picture and then commented up – “Guess who’s coming back with a BOOM later this year?”

Furby was one of the top selling toys of 2012 and with sales still rocketing trough the roof we can only assume Furby Boom will certainly hit the UK Shelves with a bang!

Check out the new Furby Boom teaser image below:


The original Furby launched in 1998 and to date over 39 million units have been sold worldwide. The new generation which was released for Christmas 2012 comes in an array of colours and even has it’s very own personality, however we do not yet know when the Furby Boom will be released.

What will the new Furby Boom do – Will it hatch?, make noise? we think all of the above plus more.

As new information is released to UTCT we will ensure to keep you up-to-date.

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