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Aldi is now selling Parma Violet coloured GIN Cream

Wave bye-bye to the humble plain double cream as this year you can upgrade your Christmas pud by adding a dollop of Aldi’s new Parma Violet GIN Cream.

Spoons and cameras at the ready!…

Aldi Parma Violet coloured GIN Cream
Image Credit: Aldi

It was just only last week when we reported that Aldi was selling a massive GALLON of Port for just £99 now the store has focused on even more utterly delicious richness for the festive season – Parma Violet coloured GIN Cream.

Arriving in stores tomorrow, November 27th, this thick British double cream, which will cost £1.79 for 250ml, has been infused with flavoured gin and to add extra sparkle has been given a lilac colour.

Extra Thick Violet Gin Cream in tub
Image Credit: Aldi

Or if that’s not your thing, how about the Salted Caramel and Vanilla Luxardo version which will cost the same £1.79

Talk about giving the Christmas pudding an Instaworthy update!