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Aldi launches premium mince pies – 80% cheaper than Fortnum and Masons

Aldi’s most premium mince pies are on sale now and there a massive 80% cheaper than Fortnum and Mason.

Image credit: Aldi

The Specially Selected Exquisite Mini Mince Pies, which are on sale now, are set to rival Fortnum & Masons’ luxury equivalent and will cost just £2.49 (9 pack) which works out at just 28p per Mini Mince Pie while Fortnum & Mason’s costs £5.95 (4 pack) and works out at £1.49 per Mini Mince Pie.


Aldi is so confident about the new mince pies that they even had a Bentley and chauffeur parked outside the doors of Fortnum & Mason and offered would-be customers the chance to switch their visit to a nearby Aldi. Customers were also given the chance to sample both the mince pies blind.

Shopper Glen Afwireng, said: “Aldi’s mince pies are absolutely heaven! I genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between Aldi and Fortnum’s mince pies, so I was shocked to be told the price difference between the two. Being whisked away right outside the doors of Fortnum’s was hilarious but a real treat.”

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, says: “We know Fortnum customers like the finer things in life and we wanted to show you can get great quality at a fraction of the price by switching to Aldi.”

The mini mince pies have also been named ‘Best Traditional Mince Pie’ at the Quality Food Awards.

Aldi also released this year’s Christmas advert start Ebanana Scrooge and of course, Kevin The Carrot alongside a brand new range of plush toys!