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Meet Angus – Harrods 2021 Christmas Bear

Are you ready for this year’s irresistibly snuggly 2021 Christmas bear from Harrods? then meet Angus, the lovable festive teddy you’ll want this year.

Harrods Christmas Bear 2021 Angus
Image credit: Harrods

SHOP NOW Harrods Angus (32cm) Christmas 2021 Bear £30

It’s that time of the year again where luxury department store Harrods, makes us go all gooey inside as they introduce it’s too cute to handle festive teddy bears, and for 2021, just wait until you meet Angus.

Dressed in his cosy sweater and fluffy hat, both featuring an Argyle patterning for an adorable finish, Angus takes influence from Scottish heritage and looks utterly charming.

Harrods Angus Christmas Bear 2021

His soft (custard-cream ish) furry coat will certainly be your new best friend come the cold winters night.

Dare we say Angus looks ready to head off skiing!

As always, the Harrods signature has been embroidered in gold into his super-soft left foot and will be available in two sizes, 50cm which you can buy for £120 and £30 for the 32cm.

SHOP NOW Harrods Angus (50cm) Christmas 2021 Bear £120

If you collect the bears and already have Benedict, Hugh, Joshua, and last year’s Nicholas, then Angus will once again create more new and magical moments.