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BBC Adaptation of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ to star Tom Hardy

BBC One confirms a new 3 part drama adaptation of Dickens iconic ‘A Christmas Carol’ which will star Peaky Blinders Tom Hardy in an unrevealed yet ‘pivotal’ role this 2019.

It’s all very Taboo just now….

Image credit: BBC

BBC One back in 2017 announced it would be airing (as part of a series of Dickens adaptions) three 60 minute long shows of the iconic ‘A Christmas Carol’.

New and exciting details have emerged as creator of Peaky Blinders, Steve Knight, spoke to Collider about the project which is not only being produced by Venom star Tom Hardy, but he will also star in an unrevealed yet vital role. He said: “It’s gonna be three one-hours,” he said, “it’s largely done in terms of the script. We’re planning to shoot this year and hopefully get it on the screen for Christmas… It’s BBC plus an American element which has not been announced yet.”

New details and images of locations have now started to emerge as Rainham Hall was turned into a winter wonderland for a few days to shoot what is rumored to be some of Tom Hardy’s scenes in “A Christmas Carol”.  debs_70 from Twitter kindly shared this image:

Rainham Hall
Image credit: debs_70 via Twitter


‘A Christmas Carol’ will tell the story of Scrooge, the miserly cold-hearted boss, who is visited by four ghosts from the past, present and the future, on a freezing Christmas Eve. Facing up to his penny pinching, self obsessed ways will it be too late for him to save the spirit of Christmas?

Image credit: Pixabay

OK seriously we cannot wait!

A Christmas Carol is a 3×60’ drama by BBC and will air Christmas 2019.

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