Be Responsible And Stay Safe With Your Drone This Christmas

With their increasingly advanced technology, coupled with their growing popularity, it’s no surprise that drones are this year’s must-have Christmas present and will be flying down chimneys and into Christmas stockings all around the UK this December.

Drones are great fun but anyone receiving a new one will need to remember that they can also be dangerous if not used safely. Drone owners should therefore familiarize themselves with the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Dronecode, a simple set of rules around safe drone use:

Don’t fly near airports
Remember to stay below 400ft (120m) and at least 150ft (50m) away from buildings and people
Observe your drone at all times
Never fly near aircraft
Enjoy responsibly

As well as familiarising yourself with the Dronecode, joining a local drone flying club, or taking part in some drone training are another great ways to understand how to use your drone safely. Not only will you meet others with a shared interest, you’ll also learn how to fly your drone within the rules, as well as get to know how to take care of your drone and check it for any technical faults it may have.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that as a drone user, you are responsible for each flight you make. Use your drone safely and stay within the rules – after all, nobody wants to end up on Santa’s naughty list!

Were you aware of Drone safety and will you be following these helpful tips this Christmas? Comment below and let us know or share using the icons below on social media.

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