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Best Chocolate Christmas advent calendars 2024

If your looking for the best chocolate advent this Christmas, then we’ve got you covered. From Hotel Chocolat, Cadbury to luxury MELT Chocolates, we’ve rounded up the best chocolate advent calendars for 2023.

For those looking for a tasty treat to countdown to the big day with!

With December quickly approaching now is the time to start buying your advent calendars, not only are these tasty treats a little exciting for every day in December but for us sweet tooth it’s a good excuse to eat more choccies.

Did you know that chocolate advent calendars originated in Germany? The concept of the advent calendar dates back to the 19th century, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that the first chocolate-filled advent calendars were introduced.

These calendars typically have 24 windows or doors, each representing a day leading up to Christmas Eve. When a door is opened, a piece of chocolate is revealed, allowing individuals to enjoy a daily treat as they count down to Christmas. Chocolate advent calendars have since become a beloved tradition in many countries around the world.

Looking for something a little different from chocolate? We’ve also rounded up some of the best alternative advent calendars and beauty advent calendars to countdown Christmas.

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