Boozy Brits: Will you spend £100 on your Christmas night out?

Research has revealed that the week before Christmas sees many sozzled Brits hit the pubs and clubs and as the alcohol starts to flow any plans for just one drink is forgotten as yet another round of shots hit the bar.


The £50 budget that was going to cover their night out will get blown within a very short time as the alcohol starts to take effect and the need for a kebab takes pride of place. As the pre-Christmas  festivities continue and the munchies take over, generous friends treat others to their favourite fast food – would that be a kebab, pizza or fish and chips all round, costing around £340 a year and it doesn’t end there!


As girls teeter on their extremely high heels and guys ping pong their way to the nearest taxi rank any common sense they had goes out the window as they splash out on taxis to take them to their next venue where they fork out even more cash on their friends and pay for them to get into clubs before lending their ‘mates’ around £145 that will never be seen again.


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen as the next day finds them horribly hung over and dread telling their partner just how much they’ve wasted. Their best friend (their mobile) is nowhere to be seen and there’s a bad smell following them around – could it be last night’s kebab?


From losing cash and rounds of shots to late night kebabs new research from has revealed that the TRUE cost of nights out each year for boozy Brits comes in at an estimate £6,589 a year and they’ve still not bought any Christmas presents.

When Santa comes down the chimney will he leave them a thoughtful gift or a lump of coal?

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